Heidi Klum's Amazing Halloween Costume, and What Other Stars Dressed As For Her Party

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Heidi Klum really, really loves Halloween. Every year, the Project Runway host holds a Halloween party for all of her famous friends, and it's become the place where the stars show off their best costumes. And, usually, Klum herself has the most impressive costume. In recent years she's been an eight-armed Hindu goddess, the human anatomy, an alien. And that's just the last three years.

She was clearly the most dedicated yet again this year, since — oh, I'm sorry, did you not know that the elderly woman in the sensible suit is Klum? She's barely recognizable with her wrinkles, gray hair, and even spider veins. A few months ago, Klum posted a photo of herself having some kind of cast made for her face, and we all wondered what her costume could be. A full face mold being made three months before Halloween was bound to be a creative costume, but I don't think anyone was expecting this.

Even if Klum might have had the best costume, her guests still rose to the occasion — Klum wasn't the only one to show up to her party in a surprising outfit. Click on to see what some of her celebrity guests dressed up as for the Halloween party you wish you could go to.

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