Rihanna Rocks A Flawless '90s Beauty Look

Stop trying to resist the '90s resurgence, because it's here to stay. Recently, Rihanna wore big hoop earrings and dark lip liner for a major '90s (and a touch of the '70s) throwback in an Instagram snap. It's quite a mashup of decades in one snap, as the "We Found Love" singer added a dose of disco, with big, defined curls and even bigger hoop earrings.

First things first: I really don't recommend getting attached to this look, since Rihanna swaps out styles with alarming frequency. But it's pretty awesome to marvel at while it's there.

The overall presentation is super retro, since the curls are so thick and full. It's almost an homage to the late disco diva Donna Summer during her heyday.

But notice RiRi is owning that black choker, which is about as emblematic of the '90s as you can get when it comes to accessories.

So while her hair and her hoops are firmly planted in the late '70s and early '80s, the necklace fast-forwards. The lips? The coffee-color and defined shape are very '90s, which is a decade that we all keep celebrating and can't let go of.

Rihanna's not the sole '90s lover right now. I admit I have been sucked into '90s nostalgia lately, listening to Third Eye Blind on repeat and re-watching clips of General Hospital's Stone and Robin's doomed romance on YouTube before I go to bed. RiRi's fellow pop diva Demi Lovato is basically a clinic in "going '90s."

That said, here are five other times Rihanna has rocked disco elements or '90s chic. No wonder she had the urge to pair disparate decades.

1. Spiral Perm

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Rihanna's ruby-red spiral perm was very Studio 54, moreso the shape than the color. The color made it current. Blindingly glossy lips were also very disco and she has those here.

2. Oooh... On The TLC Tip

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

TLC was one of the biggest girl groups ever, and certainly one of the biggest pop acts of the 1990s. It was like RiRi paid homage to the group's unique style, which features buns, knots, and other experimental looks, with these bantu knots that looked gorgeous paired with green lipstick and all those chains.

3. Golden Throat

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Yes, black chokers with an emblem or a charm were super popular when Beverly Hills, 902010 was. Rihanna wore this thick, golden choker, which was modernized thanks to the material and the shape.

4. Mom Jeans

Scott Gries/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Rihanna doesn't do jeans all that often, save for casual dinners captured by the paparazzi. But this high-waisted, stone-washed pair had a '90s-familiar cut. She added instant sex appeal with the strapless top and beanie, though.

5. Shooting Hoops

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Big hoops like these remind me of pics of my mom from the '70s and '80s. Paired with simple waves, this look has such a disco sheen.

Rihanna deftly mixed decades and blurred lines in an IG snap without looking ridic. And that is why she is a true fashion iconoclast and a source of inspo, even at the tender age of 27.

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