Watch KStew & RPattz in 'Twilight' Outtakes

Don't ever say Kristen Stewart doesn't have a sense of humor — there's now videographical evidence that the girl with the permanent grimace can laugh at stuff just like the rest of us. Because shit is funny sometimes, and KStew gets that. In a newly released Twilight outtake reel, Kristen can be seen yucking it up with co-stars Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and the ever present rain that was a constant presence during all five films.

There are two scenes with outtakes here. One where Bella Swan (Stewart, obviously) is laying on the couch bemoaning an injured rib but it looks like somebody (cough, cough RPattz cough) didn't read the script thoroughly enough and doesn't understand exactly what's happening with her busted up body. To be fair, Pattinson was probably too busy to bother with the fine print in the screenplay — between all the hair brushing he must do and the karaoke he's gotta sing, it doesn't leave much time for "work."

What's best about that outtake, though, is that you can see Stewart and Pattinson have a certain chemistry. Even if things did end really, really badly for them, hey — they'll always have that time where RPattz was confused as to why KStew's rib was hurting. Memories, guys. It's all about the memories.

In the second scene, Stewart and Lautner are filming in a fabricated rainstorm and lol lol lol, poor KStew is "drowning." It's funny! I mean, it's sad? But it's funny! Come on, any time someone gets pounded with water to their face, it's comedy gold.

Check out Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner in these Twilight outtakes:

Image: Summit Entertainment