Dad Does Amazing Super Smash Bros. Impression

What's the most embarrassing thing your dad has ever done? Introduced himself to your middle school crush? Was it when he commented on the sexually suggestive part of your favorite song? (The ill-fated mentioning of a "mushroom tip" in a Sublime song was the worst it could ever get in terms of embarrassing middle school moments.) Whatever your most embarrassing parental incident was, this guy's got you beat. Unless for some reason your dad also impersonated a video game at some point, in which case you're tied with this guy, whose dad does Super Smash Bros. impressions. I can't say it's a phenomenon I'd ever want to duplicate, but I do have a lot of empathy for this dad's poor son. Like, I just feel like this reenactment took a level of commitment and hey, retirement's a confusing time for some, but couldn't the dad go play golf instead of working on his Super Smash Bros. moves?

Evidently not. Still, it's not fair to knock this man's hard work. After all, his commitment paid off and his exact replica of these sweet, albeit corny moves, are pretty on point. And in the end, the important part is to make yourself laugh, which is definitely what this man is doing.

Not only that, but this man probably worked really hard in the professional world. (He really seems like an all or nothing guy whose level of commitment is always 300%). Now that he's retired (I'm just assuming he is, he's earned every right to indulge in any activity he so chooses. And if his sport is impersonating video game characters, I'm not really allowed to pass judgement.

Here's Super Dad in all his glory:

He won't quit. R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to the guy who does a hell of a school girl giggle.

If you'd like to get on this dad's level, here are all the taunt animations you'll ever need:

Here are a few other family members interacting with Super Smash Bros.:

This woman's children who want her to list all the Super Smash Bros. characters (even though she is so over it)

Her descriptions are perfect. She can describe how they look, but can't quite get their real names. But hey, she can identify muscular thighs when she sees them and generally has more intel than my mother does on the subject of video games. And she knows Pikachu when she sees him, so what else do you really need to know?

This sister guessing the Super Smash Bros. characters

I think the mother does better, but I'm such a fan of this sister's attitude. Her very blatant, "whatever" perfectly summarizes the way I feel about Super Smash Bros. characters. You tell 'em, girl.

And then, finally, there's failed Super Smash Bros. characters:

Not everyone can grow up to be a video game star. Some potential character stars need to get rejected for the gaming world to go on. And in this case, it's probably a good thing these parodies didn't make the Super Smash Bros. cut.