Jenna Lyons Wears PJs To The Met Gala

by Erin Mayer

The Met Gala is tonight and the question on everybody's minds is this: Will Jenna Lyons wear her infamous black glasses with her sure-to-be-couture gown? Okay, so maybe more of us are wondering whether the outfits will be culturally appropriative given the theme ("China: Through The Looking Glass") and contemplating what Beyoncé will wear, but as a fellow glasses-wearer, I have been VERY invested in whether the J. Crew creative director would sport her frames loud and proud on the red carpet. Unfortunately for me, Jenna Lyons' Met Gala ensemble does not include her glasses, but it is about as Jenna Lyons as fashion gets.

Lyons is wearing some straight up bedazzled chain mail J. Crew pajamas with gold heels and a gold clutch. I repeat — BEDAZZLED PAJAMAS. At The Met Gala. I'm not really sure where Lyons thought she was going (perhaps a highly glam slumber party?), but this ensemble neither fits the theme of the event, nor looks particularly red carpet appropriate. However, she does look almost impossibly chic, and the outfit just screams "JENNA!"

This get up basically says, "I'm so cool that I forgot I was even supposed to attend the Met Gala until about two hours before, so I took a Bedazzler gun to the pjs I was already wearing and called it night." Behold:

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I bet you wouldn't have the guts to arrive at an Anna Wintour-hosted event in loungewear.

Image: Getty Images