31 Plus Size Women In Lingerie To Remind You That Any Time Is The Perfect Time To Rock Some Cute Underthings

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Is there anything better than plus size women in lingerie? I'm not sure that there is, so I found 31 photos that make my case. Seeing plus-size women demanding to be visible when society tells them to be invisible is empowering and important on its own. But when they're doing it via lingerie, and when it's babes who are baring it all, there's something distinctly different about the whole scenario — not better, just different. The act of a plus-size woman sharing a lingerie photo tells a unique story and gives the middle finger to what's considered acceptable and respectable by mainstream standards.

Since writing more and more about plus-size fashion and the size acceptance movement while occasionally working at a plus-size store, I've been surrounded by real live plus-size women and images of them more often than not. And it's skewed my idea of what's "normal" and what people look like in the best ways possible. It's re-calibrated my reality. This is the power of imagery and the types of things we see all day — and why it's important to make sure the images that we see are diverse.

In a world where the most diversity we're likely to see in a lingerie campaign is carefree, thin white women smiling, or thin white women with a sexy pout, seeing images of plus-size women who all look different from each other is important and powerful.

Seeing women chilling casually in sweatpants and a bra, the most basic of lingerie sets, or a full setup involving corsets and garters is also important: We need to realistically recognize all of the ways lingerie serves as both utility and pleasure. For most of us, our relationships with our bodies and lingerie can be complicated, which is why seeing women take power and pleasure and empowerment from the way they look is something worth celebrating.

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