31 Plus Size Women In Lingerie To Remind You That Any Time Is The Perfect Time To Rock Some Cute Underthings

Is there anything better than plus size women in lingerie? I'm not sure that there is, so I found 31 photos that make my case. Seeing plus-size women demanding to be visible when society tells them to be invisible is empowering and important on its own. But when they're doing it via lingerie, and when it's babes who are baring it all, there's something distinctly different about the whole scenario — not better, just different. The act of a plus-size woman sharing a lingerie photo tells a unique story and gives the middle finger to what's considered acceptable and respectable by mainstream standards.

Since writing more and more about plus-size fashion and the size acceptance movement while occasionally working at a plus-size store, I've been surrounded by real live plus-size women and images of them more often than not. And it's skewed my idea of what's "normal" and what people look like in the best ways possible. It's re-calibrated my reality. This is the power of imagery and the types of things we see all day — and why it's important to make sure the images that we see are diverse.

In a world where the most diversity we're likely to see in a lingerie campaign is carefree, thin white women smiling, or thin white women with a sexy pout, seeing images of plus-size women who all look different from each other is important and powerful.

Seeing women chilling casually in sweatpants and a bra, the most basic of lingerie sets, or a full setup involving corsets and garters is also important: We need to realistically recognize all of the ways lingerie serves as both utility and pleasure. For most of us, our relationships with our bodies and lingerie can be complicated, which is why seeing women take power and pleasure and empowerment from the way they look is something worth celebrating.

by Jodie Layne

Gabi Gregg

This pioneering plus-size blogger looks incredibly stunning in her bra from the Ashley Graham lingerie collection. Her IG profile says she’s not a model, but this photo makes me want to not believe her.Image: gabifresh/Instagram

Kelly Lukianchuk

Sleek black is anything but boring or basic when you accent it with killer tattoos and that smoldering gaze.

Image: Teri Hofford Photography

Teri Hofford

Photographer Teri Hofford proves that lingerie doesn’t have to be lacy to be sexy in her skivvies, a cute tee, and some knee-high athletic socks.

Image: terihofford/Instagram

Courtney Mina

Bustle’s very own Courtney Mina looks like the cutest little bunny princess in this playful look.

Image: khaleesidelrey/Instagram

Brandie Alexander

This femme babe looks gorgeous in pink and her pose says “I woke up like this.”

Image: FeministFists/Instagram

Nadia Aboulhosn

I’m quite frankly surprised that this isn’t the butt photo that broke the Internet. Nadia Aboulhosn looks positively peachy in this jumpsuit.

Image: nadiaaboulhosn/Instagram

Diep Nguyen

Makeup artist Diep Nguyen looks stunning in this lacy black number. Judging by her smile, I’d say she feels stunning, too.

Image: diepnguyen0712/Instagram

Lisa Windsor

This stunning, vamp-y, vintage-y look on Lisa is the perfect remix of delicate femininity.

Image: Teri Hofford Photography

Katrina Hayes

Strong babes are totally sexy.

Image: katrina0hayes/Instagram

Cheyenne Besser

With the bright pops of pink, Cheyenne shows that confidence is all you need to look incredible — and a bold lip doesn’t hurt.

Image: Teri Hofford Photography

Katrina Owyns

This plus-size blogger shows why garters and stockings are such a classically sultry look in this lacy getup.

Image: katrinaowyns/Instagram


This babe’s casual look and her shrug say, “Yeah, I look hot! What about it?” and show you don’t need a special occasion to wear a cute bra — even with sweatpants!

Image: mixxedbeauty10/Instagram

Yuli Scheidt

Yuli Scheidt of Fat Girl Food Squad just slays in this simple bra and undies set.

Image: yuluscheidt/Instagram

Nicolette Mason

Blogger and Marie Claire columnist Nicolette Mason looks unbelievable and glow-y in this stripped down makeup look and that gorgeous bra.

Image: nicolettemason/Instagram

Sarah St-Fleur

This plus-size blogger is on the set of her shoot with Addition Elle and looks totally relaxed. I love this bright pop of teal and her adorable moon and stars tattoo.

Image: Queen Sized Flava/Instagram

Noella DeVille

Burlesque dancer Noella DeVille says she feels like a phoenix in this outfit and she looks like she is ready to fly in this stunning, bedazzled look.

Image: noella_deville/Instagram

Bettie Cager

This photo is so gorgeous that I don’t even have words to do it justice.

Image: queen_lupa/Instagram

Jes Baker

This blogger and size acceptance advocate posed in this lingerie after seeing a bunch of death threats and negative comments about her online. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a queen.

Image: The Militant Baker

Karyn Johnson

The blogger behind Killer Kurves looks flirty and stunning in this peachy number. She’s definitely a showstopper.

Image: Killer Kurves


Some days you just need all beige everything with a saucy hint of leopard.

Image: lizzobeeating, stylelikeu/Instagram

Kitty Stryker

Kitty Stryker is a writer and queer pornographer who looks perfectly tempting in this sultry photo.

Image: kittystryker/Instagram; Courtney Trouble


This photo is proof that sometimes a simple pair of black undies, and nothing else, can look the hottest of all.

Image: baldbae/Instagram

Acacia Christiensen

This femme wrestler and queer porn creator looks simultaneously so freakin’ cute and super sexy in her skivvies.

Image: itsaquavulva/Instagram

Denise Jolly

Denise Jolly looks sensual and feminine in this stunning bra and simple black panties. Sometimes simple is better.

Image: denisejolly/Instagram

Stacey Barthe

Lacy and polka-dotted, this look is ladylike perfection.

Image: iamstaceybarthe, StyleLikeU/Instagram

Marie Southard Ospina

Bustle’s own Marie Southard Ospina reminds us that sometimes taking off your clothes is an act of self-love and visibility.

Image: mariesouthardospina/Instagram

Hope H

Because we’ve been scared of our back boobs for FAR too long.

Image: hopeewon/Instagram

Nancy Whittington

If Nancy Whittington of Sugar, Darling isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, well, you must be blind.

Image: Sugar, Darling?

Georgina Horne

Georgina of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust’s shoots with My Boudoir are always impeccable. But this one screams glamorous confidence.

Image: Fuller Figure Fuller Bust; My Boudoir

Amanda Richards

All of Amanda’s photos for her #ImNoModelEither campaign were delightful. But what’s more delightful? She reminded us that all bodies (and yes, all fat bodies) are gorgeous.

Image: Amanda Kate Richards

Ragini Nag Rao

There is, perhaps, no better way to end this slide show than with the majestic beauty that is Ragini Nag Rao. There are no words.

Image: A Curious Fancy