'The Anna Nicole Story' First Trailer: Just Don't Confuse This for 'The Anna Nicole Story'

In movies no one wanted news, Lifetime has released the first trailer for its upcoming biopic The Anna Nicole Smith Story. Though it might be easy to, don't confuse The Anna Nicole Smith Story with the 2009 direct-to-DVD film of the exact same name. Instead, this one stars Private Practice's Agnes Bruckner and looks like it will at least be better than the Willa Ford original (but, since this is Lifetime, still likely just as good as Liz & Dick). Check out the trailer for the TV movie below:

Naturally, since "Anna Nicole" is pretty much synonymous with "nudity" and "pills," the trailer comes chock full of stylized scenes showing a nearly nude Smith and addiction-plagued Smith. Could this end up being a horrible movie that we livetweet and mock for hours? Of course, but if anyone's life story was built for Lifetime (and, apparently, direct-to-DVD), it's Anna Nicole Smith's.

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Image: Lifetime