Behati Prinsloo's Perfume Deal Is Socially Minded

Behati Prinsloo's resume continues to grow and to be littered with utterly amazing gigs as she further establishes herself one of the world's premier supermodels. Behati Prinsloo has teamed with Raw Spirit, a socially conscious fine fragrance brand with a pretty forward-thinking business model. This latest endorsement for is pretty awesome, but for several reasons other than how the scents smell!

Prinsloo is also the face of Juicy Couture (the prestige fragrance range, not the velour tracksuits, which are now sold at Kohl's), so she is certainly trafficking in a sweet-smelling world right now. But the model's Raw Spirit collabo is pretty important because of the brand's values and the fact that her beautiful face can put a, well, face to a good cause and help further the recognition of the brand.

"I love the philosophy behind Raw Spirit," Prinsloo said in a press release about her partnership with Raw Spirit. "I am a real advocate for giving back. For me, the phrase 'raw spirit' means nature, stripped back, and ethereal. This is Mother Nature at her best."

The Raw Spirits scents can be purchased online and will be sold at Barneys New York, Beverly Hills, and Chicago.

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So what exactly makes this brand so socially conscious and worthy of your attention? Relax and I'll tell you everything you need to know about this awesome pair up, which totally passes my personal sniff test.

1. Natural Ingredients


The Raw Spirit fragrances are made in conjunction with fragrance house Firmenich and feature natural ingredients from all over the world.

2. Lucky 10


There will be a total of 10 Raw Spirit fragrances released, all of which are created both in cooperation with and in support of indigenous and marginalized communities globally, including Haiti, Australia, the U.S., and beyond. So it's truly an international initiative reminding us that the beauty industry can enact change.

3. The Campaigns Will Be Amazing, Too

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Photographer Russell James, who created Nomad Two Worlds, a collective of successful business and creative people who believe that philanthropy cannot and should not be separated from commercial pursuits, shot Prinsloo in the Seminole Tribe lands in Florida. So the ad campaigns will be anything but standard. James hand-selected Prinsloo to be the brand's first ambassador, saying, "She has this authenticity and amazing natural energy. It's really as if we've brought Raw Spirit to life in human form."

4. Meaningful Luxury

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James' mission is to create what he calls "meaningful luxury," which, according to the press release, is essentially consumer products that offer real and lasting economic benefits to local communities, all the while increasing public understanding of and appreciation for threatened cultures. Who knew a fragrance could do all that and have a three-fold purpose?! Well, it can.

5. What's Out Now

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Currently, six exotic Raw Spirit senses are available. There's Fire Tree, which contains oil from Western Australia's rare Fire Tree; there's Bijou Vert and Citadelle, which boast Haitian vetiver; Desert Blush is also comprised of Australian Boronia, as well as other native elements; Wild Fire contains Australian Sandalwood and it takes overall inspo from the Western Australian desert; and there is Winter Oak, which is the brand's first U.S. Native American collaboration featuring Oakwood.

Leave it to Behati Prinsloo to put Raw Spirit on the radar. Aren't you glad it's now on yours?

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