Too Faced Might Be Sold, Which Could Be Great News

Too Faced Cosmetics is one of my fave indie-leaning makeup brands, since they always have such cool and innovative offerings with the sweetest packaging that looks amaze on a vanity. As it turns out, Too Faced Cosmetics might be sold, which could be a very good thing for this mainstay of the Sephora aisles.

WWD reports Too Faced is on the selling block and that a few buyers are getting their bid on. Estee Lauder is reportedly making a play, as are some other private companies.

Too Faced launched back in 1998 and the company was created by Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson. The brand rakes in around $150 million a year and the packaging is usually pink and incredibly feminine. You don't want to throw it out even when you get down to the last drop!

So, what does all this mean to you, as the beauty consumer and fan? Well, it might not affect you in any sort of way on a daily basis, unless you are a huge fan and the brand is eventually shuttered or made over, like Hard Candy was at Walmart. But that doesn't seem likely given its popularity.

Should the brand be sold, Too Faced might find itself in more stores, with a bunch of retail outposts, tons of new launches, and many other possible things.

Those biz-centric details interest me less than the reasons that I have loved this brand for so long. It's mostly the way Too Faced innovates when it comes to basic products.

1. I'll Melt With You

The Melted lip gloss range is literally like a melted lipstick, with rich, stain-like color payoff and moisture. The most recent update to the product is a metallic version. Liquid metal, like Ah-nuld in The Terminator!

2. Chocolate Makeup? Wait, What?!

The Chocolate Soleil Bronzers are about the color and the quality. They are also made with antioxidant-loaded cocoa powder, which is good for your skin while giving it some contour and tone. That's a well-packed one-two punch. Plus, the compacts have such a vintage look and feel. They pretty much beg to be repurposed and challenge you to get creative there.

3. Instant Lash Extensions

Instant lash extensions don't exist. I have spent two-plus hours having lash extensions applied in L.A. and while I love the result, I hate the process. You literally just have to nap through it. However, Too Faced's Better Than False Lashes Extreme, which is an instant lash extension kit, lets you play and practice without the time commitment. I love the forward-thinkingness of such a product.

I also love the sass that's inherent in the product naming and packaging. It's pink or gold, but not precious or delicate.

If Too Faced is sold, I hope that the brand gets further exposed to more and more makeupistas who might appreciate all the awesome products it has to offer.

Images: Too Faced (3)