This Guy Sure Is Good At Throwing Things Over His Shoulder Into Other Things, And We Bet His Parents Are So Proud — VIDEO

Hidden talents don't often get the appropriate platform to truly shine once talent shows stop happening, which for most of us means elementary school, so I figure that's fairly universal. Unusual hidden talents are the best, too—and I meal real talents. "Playing spoons" is a not a thing. I mean talents like how Aaron Paul can tell a dog's sex by simply petting it, or this guy who throws things into other things like a total boss.

Josh Hawkins of Sydney, Australia is pretty much the champion of the world when it comes to throwing things into other things. He stares straight-faced with a perfectly slicked coif as he sends an item soaring behind his shoulder only to land—as if it had no other option of discourse—directly into the vessel he intended it to land. This isn't limited to just, say, a piece of junk mail heading to the kitchen counter. It's obviously much more nuanced and complex than that. True, it's pretty likely Hawkins uses the video-recording phone to see the space behind him so he may more accurately plan his toss, but still. Have you ever tried point at anything on a green screen while watching yourself in the monitor? It isn't easy!


Here's the crucial compilation Hawkins stitched together to highlight some of the more major victories:

hijosh on YouTube

Although I am openly impressed with the feats Hawkins conquered, I still suspect he could step it up a notch or two. I mean, he seems like the kind of dude who'd be up for a challenge. Right? Here's some ideas:

Sharp things

I see he tosses a butter knife, but something pointier would certainly spike the intrigue. He'd probably have to stop involving other people for such tricks. But that's fine.


For real, incorporating aerodynamics would be interesting. Given his prowess for solid aim, this might introduce a neat new concept. At least a paper airplane.

Things on fire

The final horizon, truly.

Images: iamagenious/Flickr; YouTube; Giphy(3)