11 Celebrities Who Love Margaritas As Much As You Do — PHOTOS

Happy Cinco De Mayo, everyone! Arriba! Time to consume as much tequila and guacamole as you can physically stomach. In order to get you psyched for your after-work drinking festivities, let us entertain you with these pictures of celebrities drinking margaritas. It's always five o'clock somewhere, right?

At least on May 5, it's 5 o'clock somewhere, EVERYWHERE. So whether you have the entire glorious afternoon to day drink, or plan to bee-line it to the nearest purveyor of Coronaritas the moment the whistle blows, it's basically mandatory that you drink at least one margarita today. Though, it's preferable if you drink a few and eat some tacos as well. Hey, famouses do it!

And in the time honored tradition of stars being just like us, stars have margarita tastes that run the gamut. Some take their margs small and artisanal, others hulking and syrupy. Some take them with salt, and some without. Some celebs prefer the classic lime recipe, while others prefer to make them with Orangina (Huh??). Whichever way these stars take their margaritas, one thing’s for sure: they all belong to the fraternal order of tequila-loving humans.

That said, allow me to make your day a little brighter! Here are 11 stars sipping margaritas, because they love them just as much as you!

Miley Cyrus

Everyone should bring their mom out for margaritas at least once in their lives, like Miley Cyrus is doing in the above picture. After all, we all know that the magic number of strong tequila cocktails Mom needs to drink to become hilarious is ONE.

Hilary Duff

Duff's head-sized margarita is one that many of us have enjoyed at Chili's the world over. Sure, it gives you a sugar rash from time to time, but it gets the job done.

Anna Kendrick

It's unclear what exactly Kendrick was drinking in this still from Comedy Bang Bang (green juice, maybe?) but given the margarita glass and the apparent good time she's having, I'm going to just call it a margarita anyway.

Kris Jenner, Khloe Kardashian & Nicole Richie

Not sure who that apparently pomegranate flavored giant margarita belongs to, but judging from the silly sombrero hats that all three parties are wearing, I'm gonna guess that they were passing that monster all around.

Matthew McConaughey

PJF311 on YouTube

As the duke of taking it eeeeeasy, it's basically a given that Matthew McConaughey has his own margarita recipe. No joke, it's called the "Just Keep Living Margarita," and he taught Guy Fieri how to make one on television at one point in history. Yeah, this happened.

Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale

Ah, the Margarita-sipping picture: a harbinger of turnt times to come.

Neil Patrick Harris

In January of last year, Harris took a trip to Margaritaville while on vacation in Mexico and took copious pictures.

The result was nothing short of amazing.

Get on his level y'all.

All hail the margarita king.


There are no words.

Image: Neil Patrick Harris/Instagram; IFC