Tequila Donuts Just Changed The Breakfast Game

Breakfast was meant to be paired with a little booze (see: mimosas). And while I'm not suggesting you down a few tequila shots before noon, it is possible to work your favorite party beverage into your morning mix and not be completely hungover by the time 3 p.m. rolls around. Allow me to introduce you to tequila shot donuts. They're sweet, they pack a punch, and they're the most exciting thing to happen to breakfast since Cookie Crisp — for real.

A bit of fair warning, though: these fluffy, golden, tequila-soaked balls of dough aren't exactly for the faint of heart. This, my friend, is the ultimate breakfast of champions. It's for people who live their lives to party. It's for anybody who's ever looked at a bowl of cereal, or a plain jelly donut, and thought to themselves, "I can do better." It's for hungry souls who just. won't. quit. And it's surprisingly easy to make. Adapting this recipe by genius food blogger Oh, Bite It, we used pizza dough to make our tiny little balls of fun before soaking them in a bowl full of tequila, and then tossed them into our trusty deep fryer until they turned golden brown. A quick squeeze of lime and a couple handfuls of powdered sugar put these another notch above, and while taking a bite out of these donuts won't make you drunk, it will make you happy to be alive. Here's how to make these yourself:

Chill your pre-made pizza dough in the freezer for half an hour before you get ready to start, so you can easily shape it into medium-sized balls.

Use up allllllll the tequila.

Let those dough balls get good and wasted.

Pop them in the ol' deep fryer.

Go crazy with a few toppings — donut chasers, if you will — and voila! You have a new, much more delicious way to pound tequila.

Check out the recipe in full below, and find Bustle on YouTube for more amazing ways to use a deep fryer.

Video: Bianca Consunji/Bustle