More Russian Fashion Week Images to Gawk At

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This morning, we showed you 15 gorgeous images from Russian Fashion Week. And this afternoon, we're taking the opportunity to show you more. Why on earth would we devote this much time to Russian fashion, you ask? Please, let me explain.

When it comes to fashion, you've got your sartorial powerhouse cities (NYC, Paris), your scrappy innovators (London, Tokyo), your historical figureheads (Milan), and everyone else. For decades, Moscow hardly even fell under the "everything else" category when it came to couture — Russia was closed off from the rest of the world, and the style that did come out of the country was forgettable at best, overdone at worst.

But Russia's sartorial image is changing. Finally. And it's happening unbelievably fast. Last year, the New York Times ran a fantastic article about the "Russian Fashion Pack," a group of wealthy and strikingly beautiful Russian It girls who both consumed massive amounts of couture and acted as global trendsetters themselves. Russia was filling up with billionaires (WSJ reports that 35 percent of the country's wealth is in the hands of 110 people), many of whom were married to these women — and people were ready to shop.

This week, the Spring 2014 shows of Russian Fashion Week managed to be both striking and subtle, effectively decimating stereotypes of Russian fashion as gaudy and overblown. It's taken decades, but Moscow may just be moving out of the "everything else" category.

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