Brittany Snow & Anna Kendrick See Britney Spears In Vegas, But What If The Barden Bellas Had Their Own Residency?

The world will once again be pitch slapped by the Barden Bellas on May 15, 2015 when Anna Kendrick and the Bellas return for Pitch Perfect 2. The sequel promises to be bigger and badder than the original with an international a capella competition, new members added to the Bella legacy, and a much more extensive song catalog. We may not even hear "The Sign" this time around. The promotional storm is amping up and Pitch Perfect 2 star Brittany Snow landed on the cover of Vegas Magazine. In the feature, Snow brought up a Vegas night out with co-stars Anna Kendrick and Kelley Jakle that is bound to make every fan super jealous — they saw Britney Spears' Vegas residency show Piece of Me together. Consider us all green with aca-envy.

Snow said that Spears' show "lived up to everything I wanted it to be," but, when it came to the thought of having her own Vegas residency, she was a little less enthusiastic. "My Vegas show would be the most boring show ever. No one would want to hear me sing for an hour, and I can’t do magic tricks. I guess I would tell bad jokes, make a lot of costume changes, introduce special guests, and have a lot of performing puppies to steal the show." I have a feeling that Snow telling bad jokes with puppies would still probably be one of the hottest tickets in town.

But maybe Snow would feel a little better with the whole Bella crew by her side. Here's what we would love to see in a Barden Bella Vegas residency.

Opening Act: The Treblemakers

Roy Gardnerra on YouTube

You know, just to get the crowd riled up.

The Most Insane Bedazzled Lycra Costumes

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images


Fat Amy's Magic Corner

The magic is REAL, trust.

Anna Kendrick Live-Tweeting Backstage

And the feed would be projected on a massive screen.

A Chippendales Halftime Show

What's more Vegas than that?

Lilly Reads Your Mind

She brings up audiences members to the stage to guess their deepest, darkest secrets.

Big Bad Vegas Mash-Ups

cherdeutschland on YouTube

Better Midler mashed up with Mariah Carey, Celine Dion with Diana Ross, Tom Jones with KISS, and CHER WITH BRITNEY!

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