Robert Herjavec & Kym Johnson Say 'Dancing With The Stars' Kiss Was Purely Professional, But They Aren't Fooling Anyone — VIDEO

If you're a fan of Dancing With the Stars Season 20, then you know all about the dating rumors circulating around Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson. Not only have the two been super flirty throughout the entire season, but they added fuel to the romance fire on Monday when Herjavec and Johnson kissed during their contemporary dance to "Champagne Kisses." Now, they are talking the kiss, and, of course, they say the kiss was purely professional.

First, let's recap this kiss. The two were really into their romantic dance and being all contemporary, when they kissed in front of the audience and on live TV. If you ask me, the kiss did look like a planned part of the choreography and something they've been wanting to do for a very long time. However, according to Johnson, it was not. While chatting with Us Weekly, she revealed the kiss was spontaneous, even though they talked about it beforehand.

Johnson explained, "It was just part of the dance!" Herjavec then said, "We're professional dancers, we were just in the moment." He added that the kiss was art and that he was "just creating beautiful moments for the audience." Johnson also said, "We just thought, 'Let's see how we feel on the night' and that's what we did. We just — it took me by surprise because I didn't know if he was going to do it or not."

It sure didn't look like Johnson was caught by surprise, but I guess that's why she is a professional dancer, right? She knows how to handle spontaneous moments.

With that said, they can keep telling their story, but there's no doubt that their chemistry is off the charts. Plus, this isn't the first time Herjavec and Johnson were caught kissing. In a video released by TMZ in March, cameras spotted the two sharing a kiss. Some might say it was just a friendly goodbye, whereas others might classify it as intimate. Whatever the case, these two have chemistry and that's that. As for what's to come as far as a relationship outside of the show, we'll have to wait and see.