Sonja Morgan Is The Best ‘Real Housewives of New York’ Star, Here Are 12 Reasons To Love The “Urban Myth”

We need to talk about Sonja. How the Real Housewives of New York survived without Sonja Morgan for the first two seasons of the franchise is beyond me, because this woman is EVERYTHING. Maybe you think she's a little over the top, maybe you think she's a little full of s—t with her many business ventures, but Sonja Morgan does as Sonja Morgan wants to do. That is why I am utterly obsessed with Sonja Morgan — the "urban myth" as Dorinda Medley calls her — and I always feel slightly anxious when I'm in her Upper East Side hood, hoping that I'll see her floating down Park Avenue (I assume she floats).

Yes. I'm a college graduate, with a job, but I have seriously wondered how I could become apart of #TeamSonja and become one of her interns. (Don't get me wrong, I love me some Pickles, but there's always room for more, right?) The other housewives... they're fine... Bethenny is witty. Ramona is Renewed. Dorinda seems to not hold back. But Sonja? Sonja is our unicorn in a field of brown horses. She stands out, and for good reason. She's an entrepreneur (I don't care what you say, those toaster ovens will happen, someday), she's a voice of reason, she's wildly entertaining, and overall she's my favorite housewife to ever exist. Here are 12 reasons why.

1. She Accepts Her Evolution

I'd never say Sonja was trashy (Aviva did, though), but I do love that Sonja isn't afraid to poke fun at herself and indulge in a little self-deprecating humor.

2. She Has A Forgiving Heart

Everyone on RHONY has made a crack at Sonja, and my girl doesn't let it effect her. In fact, she's willing to forgive people for what they do and say against her.

3. She's Got A Knack For Turning Negatives Into Positives

So long "walk of shame," HELLLOOOOOOO "victory laps."

4. She Has Multiple Interns Working For Her

And I dream of being one of those interns. #TeamSonjaForLife

5. She Uses "Ramotional" In Conversation

Besides "Turtle Time," the Ramotional Ramonacoaster Ramoment is the best thing to ever come out of the New York housewives franchise, and the fact that Sonja uses "ramotional" is amazing.

6. She Employs Those In Need

Andy Cohen and I will never understand why Sonja has a homeless girl in Ireland tweeting for her, and we probably never want to understand it.

7. She Can Also Be Ramotional

Look how comforting (?) Sonja is being for Radzi. We'd all be blessed to have Sonja ask us if we were upset.

8. She's Carefree & Loves To Have Fun

Hands down Sonja is the most fun housewife in New York. She really knows how to let her hair (and top) down.

9. She Doesn't Care What People Think

Perhaps the most valuable thing we can learn from Sonja: Do you, and own you. Don't care what anyone else thinks.

10. She Doesn't Stir The Pot

OK, in reality, I think Sonja stirs both the pot and the drink, but I'm not holding it against her.

11. She Doles Out Life Lessons All The Time

That's why I wear a yellow flower in my hair 24/7... You never know who you'll run into (hopefully Sonja, PLEASE let it be Sonja).

12. She's Just So Regal

My queen.

Images: RealityTVGifs/Tumblr (12)