Anna Kendrick's 9 Most Feminist Quotes, Because The 'Pitch Perfect 2' Star Always Speaks Her Mind

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By now, everyone with a Twitter account knows that Anna Kendrick is one of the wisest people in Hollywood. Practically everything she says, whether it's about her films, her eating habits, or her love for Ryan Gosling movies, is an instant classic, and it's no wonder the Pitch Perfect 2 star is set to release a book filled with her writing next year.

And then there's her words on feminism, a subject for which the actress has no qualms about expressing her support. She's spoken up countless times about female-driven movies and the industry's gender bias, including a statement in this month's Glamour about the sexist casting process. It's thrilling to hear such a big star talk so candidly, and so frequently, about her feminism, and it's just one more reason Kendrick is the coolest person in Hollywood. Read on for nine of her most feminist quotes.

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