Wanna Watch 'Empire' Season 1 Online? Here's How To Catch Up (Or Just Watch All Over Again!)

Empire became my new favorite show this year, but I'm sad to say that it came and went pretty quickly. The first season debuted in January, which is late in regard to television season premieres. Plus, it was only 12 episodes long so it really flew by. Those of us who watched were sad that it ended so soon. And I'm sure that there are plenty of people who missed out on watching Season 1 that want to catch up with the rest of the world. So, is it too late to watch the show? It's that awkward time when the show isn't out on DVD, but there are no new episodes coming on TV for a while. So, where can fans and wannabe fans watch Empire online? Well, there are some options for us all to get our fix — from those who want a new show to get into over the summer to those who just want to relive the excitement again.

Fox's Website

This seems pretty straightforward and obvious, but you can watch the entire first season on the Empire show page of the Fox website. There are also clips of "OMG Moments" that you can watch with some of the most exciting scenes from the episodes. You can watch cast interviews and some of the musical performances in videos separated from the episodes, too. You can also stream the first season on the Fox Now app.


If you're a Hulu fan who is very used to your normal TV-watching routine and want to catch up on all of your shows in one place, you can catch Empire episodes on Hulu. This is great if you want to add episodes to your queue so you can go back and forth between watching your other favorite shows.

Xfinity On Demand

If you are an Xfinity subscriber, you can access Empire episodes On Demand through your television as well as online. This is a nice option if you want to watch on your own big screen.


iTunes is a great option for you if you're a pretty serious Empire fan and want to watch whenever you want. I say this because you need to pay $2.99 per episode on iTunes. But! You'll get to watch them over and over again without fear that they could be taken down. If you buy the season you can also get access to bonus footage for free.

There you go, there are actually plenty of legal ways for you to catch up on Empire episodes if you haven't seen them yet. Or if you're just bored in the summer and want to repeat a favorite episode, you have plenty of options. Now, how many days until Season 2 premieres?

Image: Getty Images