10 Celebrity Fans Of 'Empire', Because Everyone Loves The Drama, Even Other TV Stars

There is no doubt that Empire was the best new show this season, and in my eyes, it was the best TV show on period. No other scripted television show had me nearly as captivated. And you know what, I'm not the only one who felt like this. No, I'm not referring to the show's ever-increasing ratings and success. I'm actually referring to some of the big stars who are fans of Empire.

There are plenty of celebrities who have been pretty vocal with their fanning out over the show. You see, stars really are just like us — well, kind of. Anyway, you should not feel guilty for obsessing over the show. You are definitely not the only one.

Celebs are ranting and raving about the plot twists, posting hilarious memes of Cookie, live tweeting the episodes, and publicly stating their fandom for the new hit television show. So who else has been watching Empire? Some of the names may surprise you. It's not just folks in the entertainment industry who make time to watch the show. Apparently the First Lady of the United States was also glued to her TV every Wednesday night this past spring, so you're in some pretty good company to say the least.

Michelle Obama

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Let's start with the big guns here. Apparently Michelle Obama is a huge fan of the show. Sadly she has not live tweeted any of the episodes — yet. But we know she's into the show thanks to some comments from her husband. During an interview with Dish Nation, Barack Obama revealed, “Michelle is real big on Empire. She’s gotten really into it. I have frankly not had a chance to see it yet but I love the actors in it, so I’m hoping she’s DVRing it so I can take a look.” Maybe the president will have more time to watch the show when he's not busy running the country.

Ariana Grande

In response to a tweet from friend Victoria Monet, Ariana Grande divulged her plans for the night and, of course, they included watching Empire. Grande is one of the busiest singers in pop music and even she makes time to catch up on the show. That has to mean it's a good show. This makes me hope one of the writers saw her tweet and will invite her to be a guest star. I can totally see her collaborating with Hakeem.

Kerry Washington

Now Kerry Washington know how it feels for all of the Scandal fans trying to avoid spoilers, because she is in the same position as an avid fan of Empire. She tweets about the show all the time and I love her for it. I love TV actresses who are really into watching TV. As silly as it sounds, it seems pretty rare to me as a celebrity enthusiast.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg was a guest star on the Empire Season 1 finale, and he is also a big fan of the show. If you follow him on Twitter, be prepared for your timeline to blow up on Wednesday nights with spoilers and his reactions to any plot twists.

Shonda Rhimes

After years of Shonda Rhimes bringing me joy and devastation as the creator and writer of Grey's Anatomy, I am happy that she knows how fans of her shows feel. It's also refreshing that she watches shows that are not her own and is public about supporting other writers and networks.

Lil Jon

This tweet makes me miss Lil Jon. I'm not saying that he is out of the game, but he is not around as much as he once was. The fact that Lil Jon is enthusiastically watching Empire and tweeting in all capital letters makes me so happy. He gets me and my love for this show.

French Montana

I'm not gonna lie. When I first saw this tweet my immediate reaction was to wonder if Khloe Kardashian iss into the show too. I wonder if the sometimes couple watches it together on Wednesday nights. Could Montana be jonesing for a guest appearance?

Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore is a major Empire fan. She live tweets her reactions every time she watches. I don't even need to watch the show if I follow the Real Housewives of Atlanta star on Twitter. I guess it's probably nice for her to take a break from her own drama on RHOA and focus on some fictional craziness.

Kelly Rowland

"Wow" really does say it all. I cannot say enough that Empire is really such a good show. And Kelly Rowland definitely agrees with me. She has nothing but praise for the show every single week.

Cynthia Bailey

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey has nothing to do with the show, but she is really promoting it heavily. She is definitely a true fan. Lee Daniels and co. should give her a cut of the profits since she is encouraging so many of her fans to tune in.

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