12 'Game Of Thrones' Characters That Don't Match Up In The Books & The Show

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Has any TV show in history had more characters than HBO's Game Of Thrones ? A quick scroll through the show's Wiki reveals a staggering 809 character pages, broken into over a dozen subcategories, including "Major," "Recurring," "Minor," "Cameo," and "Background." Author George R.R. Martin didn't make it easier for us, either — some non-book readers may have trouble distinguishing between their Tywins and their Tyrions, their Drogos and their Drogons. Show runners David Benioff & D.B. Weiss actually tried to help alleviate the confusion by changing some characters' names: Asha Greyjoy was changed to Yara, to avoid confusion with Osha; Robert Arryn was changed to Robin, to avoid confusion with Robert Baratheon. But then they had to go and make things harder by introducing a plethora of new characters that aren't even in the books!

For all the credit Benioff & Weiss are getting for condensing storylines and excising unnecessary characters this season, the show runners have certainly been guilty of inventing characters that never appeared in any of Martin's five novels. This is particularly frustrating for readers whose favorite characters didn't make the cut of Benioff & Weiss's adaptation.

Here's a list of six characters who were invented for Thrones... as well as a handful of the most popular Song Of Ice And Fire characters who are absent from the TV show. (Warning: some spoilers ahead for those who haven't read Martin's novels!)

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