This Chain Chomp Cat Bed Basically Came Right Out Of A Super Smash Bros. Duel And We Are Mad Jealous Of The Cats Who Live In It — PHOTOS

I firmly believe that we should all follow our passions in life, and sometimes, if you're lucky, your passions will lead you to something as fun as building cat furniture. And if you're really lucky, you'll be inspired to build a Chain Chomp cat bed that looks like it was ripped straight out of the Super Smash Bros. video game and brought to life. Hold your fire, guys, because this is about as harmless and adorable as a Chain Chomp will ever get.

The cat bed, which also doubles as a storage chest, was built by Mike and Molly, the Etsy team behind CatastophriCreations. Mike and Molly are no strangers to building cat furniture—their shop features all sorts of innovative cat furniture for your favorite four-legged frenemies. They have three cats of their own, who are probably in kitty heaven putting all of their creations to the test. Not to say that they don't earn their keep, because Ickle, Heisenberg and Lylah also pose as cat models to display all of the cat products. Obviously the Chain Chomp is no exception.

Molly shared that although the cats were hesitant at first (can't really blame 'em), they warmed up to their ferocious new bed and now use it for frequent cat naps. Is anybody else mad jealous of them? I mean, look at these happy little critters:

Of course, this is just one of many awesome cat furniture endeavors they've pursued. This Indiana Jones Drawbridge will make you want to trade in your opposable thumbs for paws YESTERDAY:

(Etsy, $150.)

Here's the video of their kitties playing on it:

CatastrophiCreations on YouTube

And because the work week is long and you deserve it, HERE. Have one of their cats balancing on like a circus performer:

CatastrophiCreations on YouTube

Images: CatastrophiCreations/Etsy