Honest 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Trailer Gives Us A Few Important Truths About The Movie — VIDEO

If you thought that the Fifty Shades Of Grey train was slowing down, think again. Not only are we nowhere near done with the franchise (another two films are on the way for your viewing pleasure) but the DVD is scheduled for release on May 8, which means that anyone a little too shy to see it in theaters can now watch it safely behind their laptops. Whether you're a huge fan of the steamy erotic thriller or roll your eyes at every "Holy Cow!" and contract negotiation, Fifty Shades Of Grey will still be around, shackling itself to our collective cultural conscience. That's why it was inevitable for YouTube channel Screen Junkies to take it on as its next (and, also, it's 100th) target. The "Honest Trailer" for Fifty Shades Of Grey is officially here, and it drops some real talk on the world's most buzzed-about book adaptations.

While it's worth saying that the film was actually pretty enjoyable (thanks to Dakota Johnson's surprisingly awesome take on Anastasia Steele), but even fans of the films should be able to appreciate the truth within the viral sensation. The five-minute-long trailer takes on some of the things that both critics and readers alike acknowledge about the romantic thriller, from the undeniably corny dialogue to the film's origins as fanfiction.

Here's what ScreenJunkies reminded us about Fifty Shades Of Grey — as if we could ever forget.

E.L. James Wrote The Story On Her Cell Phone

Sure, we all knew that Fifty Shades Of Grey was originally Twilight fanfiction, but to learn that the author actually wrote most of it on her Blackberry is the icing on one hell of a bizarre cake.

It's Unclear Which Fantasy Is More Ridiculous — Twilight's Or This

Except instead of Anastasia indulging in the fantasy of dating a vampire, she becomes a "pampered sex slave" for a billionaire.

Bella Swan And Anastasia Steele Are Pretty Much Identical

Kinda striking, no?

Christian Is Kind Of A Jerk

Who criticizes an interviewer from the college newspaper's questions?! Thank God he wasn't making the press rounds for The Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

And He's Definitely A Stalker

Showing up unannounced everywhere? Yeah, that usually doesn't fly unless you're a superiorly hot billionaire.

Contracts Are Not Sexy

Contract negotiations, even about the limits of your BDSM relationship, are not exactly as fun as acting out what's outlined in them.

Thankfully It's Not A 100% Accurate Adaptation

Or else lines like the above would have made it into the movie.

Because, Seriously, What Does This Even Mean?

I have zero clue.

Watch the whole honest trailer below.

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