'Parks and Rec' Goes to London for Season Premiere. But Why?

NBC announced its fall premiere dates today, and besides the exciting news that Parks and Recreation will return with an hour-long episode on Sept. 26, the network also revealed that the sixth season premiere will be set in London. Um, what? Maybe we missed something during last season's finale, but there was nothing that hinted at any kind of European travel.

The setting is likely a strategy to hype up the premiere and get more viewers, since Parks and Rec is the only returning Thursday night comedy. (And it doesn't hurt to remind viewers of another former Thursday night comedy's trip overseas.) Last season opened with some of the characters in Washington D.C., which made plenty of sense. This time, it's hard to predict what the purpose of the trip will be. But we're going to try anyway. Why would the crew be in London? Here are some of our guesses:

  • April finds out that she is distantly related to the royal family and goes to claim her inheritance
  • Leslie needs a photo of Ben with Big Ben for one of her scrapbooks
  • They were supposed to be going somewhere else, but Jerry booked the wrong plane tickets
  • Tom wants to follow in the footsteps of Scott Disick and become a Lord
  • Chris decides to swim the English Channel
  • Ann decides that she should convince Prince Harry to be her sperm donor instead of Chris
  • Donna met Prince Harry when he visited the U.S., so now she'll be the star of the next royal wedding
  • Ron does something horrible, and the trip is his punishment
  • Andy joins The Queen's Guard, but is fired when he can't keep a straight face[Image:NBC]