Are 'Catfish' Couple Rico & Ja'mari Together Now? The Season 1 Stars Are Still All Over Social Media

One of the first successful couples that Catfish ever paired off was Rico & Ja'mari, who were able to overcome Ja'mari's (real name: James) online lies. James had said he was a male model, when in fact he was trying to get back on his feet after being in prison for what he claimed was a wrongful robbery conviction. After hearing his story, Rico agreed to attempt a relationship, but IRL, their love story came to a end, even though the episode left them on a high note. It's disappointing to see, especially as a fan of the first seasons of Catfish, which seemed more like a real chance for people to fall in love, and less like a twist-filled thriller the way it has more recently. I know, it's pretty difficult to maintain a long-distance relationship with someone who you've barely spent any time with in person, but, dammit, Catfish kind of made me believe it would work.

Now, according to his Facebook, Rico has decided that he wants to become an actor and director, and he's using his fans from Catfish as his audience. His Twitter handle and public Facebook page proudly proclaim that he's Rico "from Catfish," and while he's not still dating Ja'mari/James, it seems like the experience between them worked out for the best.

On the Season 1 reunion, James and Rico connected via Skype with Nev and Max, where they broke the news that their relationship hasn't worked out. But they promised that they've remained friendly and it doesn't seem like there was any lingering anger or animosity between them. If they couldn't stay together, at least they were able to find some closure after the stress of meeting for the first time on TV.

Meanwhile, James has also maintained a Twitter presence, though it seems like he's deleted his public Facebook page. But unlike Rico, it doesn't seem like he's interested in rejoining the public eye, instead using his Twitter to talk about shows he likes and music he enjoys, just like any other person on Twitter. Hopefully that means he's been able to move on from his conviction... although he's still using "Ja'mari" in his Twitter handle, so clearly old habits die hard. And in one somewhat recent Tweet, he mentions a "husband" — maybe he's found a new love since breaking up with Rico!

I'm curious what Rico's acting and directing career will look like. After all, Nev started out as an independent filmmaker before he got this MTV gig. We could be looking at the creator of the next Catfish: The TV Show over here. Oh, and in case you were wondering — Ja'mari and Rico aren't even following one another on Twitter, so I don't think this Catfish Season 1 couple will be back together anytime soon.

Image: MTV