13 People Reveal What Sex Acts Scare Them Most

Sex can be scary. Awesome, but scary. There are things you desire doing that you do, and there are also things that you desire that terrify the nuts off you. I don't think I can name one thing I'm too "scared" to do sexually. Most of the things I don't do are things I don't want to do because they don't interest me, not because I'm necessarily scared of them. But there definitely was a time where I was too scared to ask for what I wanted, and too scared to explore doing certain things that were seen as more taboo, and that fear strikes even the most sexually adventurous.

I went out and asked 13 people about their sexual desires, and what they're too scared to either do or even ask for in the bedroom. Some sound about right, and others are pretty surprising, with a lot of women seeking threesomes (with two men!) or to be submissive,

which can understandably feel a bit problematic for women who consider themselves feminist, even if they logically know that the two aren't really in conflict with each other. Sometimes in the bedroom, politics go out the window, and as long as all parties are consenting adults who feel safe and are able to communicate through the things they desire but might be a little apprehensive about, all seems fair in love and sex. Here are 13 people revealing what they're most scared to do in sex:

1. “Butt plug usage” - Cassie, 27

2. “Naked makeout wrapped in cling wrap whilst having blood like red liquid poured on me. A bit like the Maroon 5 "Animals" video, but with cling wrap.” - Coco, 26

3. “Rough sex that ends with choking right when I'm about to orgasm. I'm female and I feel it goes against my being a feminist. It's like I have to pick one.” - Lila, 22

4. “Anal sex is the one thing my sexual partners have been interested in that I haven't let happen yet. I have found that, as a woman with small boobs who has got a booty, I attract men who want to have anal sex (or apparently, all men are just into anal sex). When I'm having sex, I let my boyfriend slip a finger or two up there on the regular and really enjoy it (and it sometimes helps me orgasm), but post-sex, I'm always like, "That's a sacred space for my poop to come out!" I made a halfhearted attempt with the boyfriend I'm still with seven years ago, and I know he'll be down if I ever say I'm ready again.” - Caitlin, 29

5. “Submission.” - George, 26

6. “Ummm ... MMF threesome.” - Vannah, 29

7. “Receive anal sex via a strap-on.” - Bottomcurious, 45

8. “Pegging.” - Summer, 29

9. “Make love in front of someone else / where we might be watched.” - Kylie, 33

10. “Being tied up.” - Sally, 32

11. “Groups, of various configurations, sans condoms (assuming all participants are "clean"). Not just pairing off, but 3-4-way interactive. Everyone bi.” - Aaron, over 40

12. “Have sex with a girl (feel like I should have done this back in my party/drug years, and kind of missed my window).” - Claire, 32

13. “Just go for it, all the ways, 100 times.” - Travis, 25

Images: kitta/Flickr; Giphy (6)