11 New Summer Shoe Trends You Have To Try This Season Because It's About Time We Let Our Feet Take The Spotlight

Summer is right around the corner, which means filmy dresses, margarita pitchers, new summer sandal trends, and tan lines are just a short hop and skip away. Or, adversely, frizzy hair, hundred degree heat waves, and frying-pan-hot sidewalks are a hop and skip away. Whichever way you choose to see the upcoming June, it's coming and coming fast. Which means parkas are just a distant (terrible) memory and boots are slowly making their way back into bins and closets.

And now what? There's always that awkward week in between when you forget how to dress for the new weather. How do you style summer dresses? What do you put on your feet? Are these sandals in anymore? Wait, do these shoes make any sense with these culottes? What are culottes? Is that a Kool-Aid type thing? I'm so confused.

It's tricky, but I'm here to hold your hand through it all. When the weather is hot-hot-hot no woman has time to worry about layers and fussy sleeves, which means outfits can take a turn towards the uninspired. That is, unless, you utilize the saving power of shoes. Below are 11 new (or re-vamped) shoe styles to wear this summer, and reasons why they'll take your outfit from "meh" to amazing!

The Cage Sandals

During months when it's way too hot to wear layers, a bold shoe will be your saving grace to add some oomph to your look. Cage sandals give off the same effect as a bootie — where your foot is completely covered — but won't make you want to die in 90 degree weather. Pair them with flirty minis or with culottes to give a bare-minimum look an extra punch.

The Three-Strap Sandal

Delicate sandals and flip flops are all well and good, but a woman understands the difference an ankle strap makes. It's like the same thing with men and buttons on a suit — to us, it makes no difference. To them, it's as if seeing night and day. Choose this sandal to slightly toughen up a midi dress or pair it with your high waist short shorts to cut your long legs at the ankle.

The Industrial Sandal

Rather than being a staple, this is your playful piece. You can wear it to jazz up a simple outfit or to help you contrast against sweeter styles. Pair it with a simple culotte-and-blouse look to make the minimalist outfit more interesting, or juxtapose it against something unexpected like vintage for a creative contrast.


Sometimes a thicker sole can make all the difference. Give your go-to sandals a small upgrade by buying ones with an inch-thick platform, making the traditional choice a skosh more interesting. Wear this piece with all your summer usuals, but enjoy how the minor tweak makes every outfit a little more fashion-forward now.

Faux Fringe Bluchers

For those days you want to wear flats or oxfords, upgrade your choice by reaching for faux fringe bluchers. They look like the factory forgot to cut the actual fringe on top of the shoe, but they make a clean and sharp statement.

The Minimalist Sandal

A chicer alternative to your simple sandal, the minimalist sandal consists of two thick, clean-lined straps going across your foot. It's the perfect, quiet touch to any summer look — great with everything from a maxi dress to a jumpsuit.

The Peep Toe Sandal

It's like an espadrille without the height and like a flat without the covered toes. It'll look especially flirty with your summer dresses and will give the illusion of a bit more coverage with its ballerina-flat-like look.

The Gladiator Sandal

The statement shoe of the summer! Reach for these sandals when you're feeling bold and ready to mix and match with contrasts. It's especially fun to pair it with serious midis or fancy summer dresses, juxtaposing the trendy with the classic. Or go traditional and pair it with a bohemian dress, really bringing that spring '70s trend full circle.

The Chunky Shoe

While some might shy away from these because they're, well, on the ugly side, that's actually they're charm and purpose! The un-pretty look to them is a fun trait to contrast against super feminine dresses and delicate pieces, and the weight to them will help anchor shorter hemlines and will help you look more covered even when you're not!

Block Heel Sandals

The flirty (and forgiving) alternative to the thin stiletto, this is every woman's answered prayer to those thin spikes she never learned to walk in. They're a little less sexy than your four-inch pumps, which makes 'em the perfect choice for daywear or for a slightly quirky and charming touch to your fancy-night-out outfit.

Backless Booties

Not ready to give up your booties, even though popsicles are melting outside? It's OK, I completely understand. Find a happy medium by reaching for backless bootie sandals, where it looks like a boot in the front but has the back missing. They'll help give a tough touch to any flirty outfits you're in the mood to create, or will help add some weight to a light, minimal summer outfit.

Images: parisandjuliet, 66alabama, mooree.official , yara_michels/Instagram