This 'Sex & The City' Reunion With Sarah Jessica Parker & Kristin Davis Is The Closest Thing We Have To A Third Movie — PHOTOS

Whether or not another Sex and the City movie happens, our four favorite Cosmopolitan-drinking ladies will always make time for each other. Sarah Jessica Parker reunited with and supported Kristin Davis at her documentary screening about saving elephants in Kenya, Gardeners of Eden (premiering on May 6 at 9 p.m. ET on Pivot), in NYC on Tuesday. Can you believe SATC went off the air 11 years ago? Davis told E! News earlier this year that they are all interested in getting the group back together officially, and writer Michael Patrick King said he thinks they have one more "story to tell." But for now, everyone has to get by with these mini reunions until Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha can go on new adventures.

In spite of there being no real news about another film, last fall, SJP and Davis tweeted back and forth with some promising ideas that got me excited. I like to think that if stars take the time to tweet at each other instead of just texting, they probably want the conversation to be seen. They're just teasing fans at this point, but hey, keeping the dream alive is a great thing. Check out their reunion photo and the tweets in question below.

Images: HBO; Getty Images