Anna Kendrick's Take On Shower Thoughts From Reddit Is A Testament To The Infinitely Weird Wisdom Of The Internet — VIDEO

As a person who gets lost in Anna Kendrick's Twitter feed the way that emotionally competent people get lost in other people's eyes, I can attest to the comic genius of this actress. I will full-on Tom Cruise couch jump declare my love for her. I'm basically waiting for her to finish writing her book of essays like Christmas is coming, because any and all wisdom I can glean from her is worth my while—which is why I'm so obsessed with this video on Anna Kendrick's shower thoughts way harder than is probably healthy for me.

Kendrick recently teamed up with Glamour for the hilarious shoot, where they collected some of the most winning "showerthoughts" on Reddit, as well as a few of Kendrick's own. She is sitting peacefully on a beach that will give you more FOMO than a beach ever has, narrating the weird wisdom of the internet to the sound of waves lapping on the shore. I've got to say, after watching this, I feel significantly more filled with more earthly knowledge and understanding than I did an hour ago. But when are we not learning from the literal perfect specimen that is Anna Kendrick? The only way this could get better is if she sang the shower thoughts, but hey, there's always a next time.

Here are some particularly winning ones:

Our PG-13 reality


Dollar, dollar bills, yo


The sweet marriage of technology and cheese


Our darkest intentions


Baby return policies


Does anybody else feel like they just took a journey through time and space and came out the other side a slightly more confused person? None of my shower thoughts are this deep. Maybe I'll start my own "shallowthoughts" Reddit thread, where I contribute some very pressing thoughts about which kind of cheese I'm going to put on my toast for dinner. (Just kidding, the answer is always ALL OF THEM.)

Here's the entire video, chalk full of even more mind-blowing shower thoughts brought to you by one of the internet's favorite humans:

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