Old Photos of George Clooney In The ‘90s & Early ‘00s Are Exactly The Goofy Throwbacks You Need — PHOTOS

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It's hard to believe that George Clooney turns 54 on May 6, because he's barely aged throughout his three-decade career. Through the years, he's made everyone laugh and cry, but the best is when he makes you do both at the same time. In honor of his birthday, you could kick back and watch all of ER or the Ocean's Eleven movies while trying to be as smart and stylish as his wife, Amal Clooney, but an easier way to celebrate him is looking back at ridiculous throwback photos.

For the good of the people, I did some digging from Clooney's early time in the spotlight from the '90s to 2005, marking 10 years ago and earlier. He always looked dapper on the red carpet, but the best moments were when he was goofing off — whether by himself or with friends. Click through for a blast from the past, and be prepared to giggle a lot.

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