Man Asks His Wife To Make Him A Sandwich, And Her Response Is More Delicious And Satisfying Than A Sandwich Will Ever Be — PHOTO

If you're the kind of person who demands women make sandwiches for them, even as a joke, things might not go so well for you. You might end up eating your words—or eating something worse. Just ask this wife who had the best response to her husband telling her to "make a sandwich". What? You had it coming, OK? We, as women, have been messed with a lot. When we're not fending off sandwich demands, women are still fighting the wage gap. I mean, Mitt Romney tried to put us in binders, for crying out loud. Houston, we have a problem, and sandwich demands are the least of them.

This is a great time to ask: What the f*ck gives? In all honesty, I don't even like sandwiches. Cold cuts suck, the cheese is always sliced too thin and never melted, and condiments are the worst. (Condiments. Not condoms. We like condoms.) The point is, if you're going to jokingly suggest that your wife make you a sandwich, you should expect that it will result in profanity. You deserve to eat your words.

Okay, I'll stop using ill-formed food puns and just tell you what happened: When this guy asked his wife (jokingly) to make him a sandwich, she responded by making him a (still really delicious looking) sandwich and writes "F*ck off" on the bun in mustard.

It's a work of art. Andy Warhol would tip his hat to this women, because it's the epitome of modern art. Probably.

Here's the image:


This woman wasn't asked for official comment, but I assume her comment would in fact be: "#NotSorry."

The Reddit posts got some mixed reactions. Some pointed out that it ended up being a win for the husband. After all, she made the sandwich, so how much of a point was she really proving? Then there are other Redditors who are just upset that this woman has better cursive while using mustard than they do with ink. (Me too, friend. Me too.) But my favorite by far was from Fooled_You who said, and I quote: "Looks like you're in quite the pickle."

K I L L E D I T.

If we want to learn anything from this experience, it should be that sometimes it's best to not ask your wife for things just because you're lazy. Here are a few things you should never ask your wife for:

Breakfast in bed (unless it's your birthday or Father's Day)

(If you're not actually a father, you can't cash in on Father's Day breakfast, FYI.)

To do your dishes

I understand that some couples have a "if one person cooked, the other person cleans" arrangement and that's fine. But it's less kosher to make a huge mess and expect that your dear, sweet spouse will clean up your mess.

To do your laundry

No, no, a thousand times no. This is a shared chore, no ifs, buts or ands about it.

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