Liz Plank's "Flip the Script" Video About Stay-At-Home Dads Reminds Us That Raising Kids Isn't Just A Female Thing

Now that society is sort of relinquishing its death grip on the idea that caring for children is an exclusively female responsibility, stay-at-home dads are becoming more and more common. And while it's hard for some people to wrap their minds around, as a new "Flip the Script" video from Liz Plank and shows, stay-at-home dads are awesome. Despite what film and television would have you believe, they're not incompetent or bumbling; they're actually great parents. Because being good at raising kids was never something only mothers could handle.

Although some people seem bound and determined to see the rise of the female breadwinner as a sign that society is crumbling around us, in actuality, women working is not so much a sign of the end times as it is a complete non-issue. And when it comes to the kids, dads seem to be stepping up and shouldering their weight just fine — something which is true for stay-at-home dads especially.

So what is it like being raised by a stay-at-home dad? Well, television and movies would have you believe that it's probably akin to being Tarzan or Mowgli or any number of other fictional characters raised by animals in the jungle. But the reality seems to be much more boring. Sorry, kids; your gateway to adventure isn't as simple as convincing dad to stop working and stay at home with you.

This is how one child with a stay-at-home dad responded to some famous fictional dad scenarios.

1. How Many Scary Movies Has Your Dad Let You Watch?


2. Have You Ever Been On the Subway Platform And He Forgot You On the Platform?

"No, that never happens. We're always holding hands."

3. Was He [At Your Ballet Recital] On Time?

"He was there before it even started!"

4. Has Your Dad Ever Vacuumed the Floor And Then Vacuumed Up the Drapes By Accident?

"No! That's just so silly."

So there you have it. To see more of what Camilla has to say about her dad, and what her dad says about his life as a full-time father, check out the full video.

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