Your Lips Can Get Sunburned Too, But These 22 Lip Products With SPF Can Help Prevent That

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Whether you're a sun-worshipper or just enjoy the occasional frolic outdoors, you probably know about the importance of wearing sunscreen. But while you might remember to slather SPF on your face and shoulders, do you remember your lips? Because the skin on the lips can get sunburned too. In fact, the skin there is so delicate, they'll often burn even easier. And yes, burnt lips can lead to wrinkling, chronic dryness, and even skin cancer. But if you can't go outside without your red lip on, fear not. There are plenty of balms, tints, lipsticks, and even glosses that can protect your pout while priming for or even providing color. So regardless of your preference, here are 22 lippies to consider this summer that will protect your pucker from the sun's harmful rays.

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