Seth & Summer Moments Never Go Out Of Style

by Kaitlin Reilly

Ryan and Marissa may have started off as the couple we were supposed to root for, but let's be real: The O.C. was all about Seth and Summer. Unlike Ryan and Marissa, whose relationship — though still totally OTP, of course — was constantly weighed down with dramas like the pregnancy of an ex-girlfriend, and one psycho named Volchok, Seth and Summer had less dramatic problems. For example, Seth had to choose between selling a comic book to George Lucas or taking Summer to prom. (See? Still dramatic, but... less so.) Sure, Seth and Summer weren't always perfect, but, in a way, that's what made them even better — apart from all of their bickering (and often because of it), there was a grand romance that fans just couldn't deny. These two belonged together, plain and simple.

The tale of beauty and the (still really hot) geek is a tale as old as time on teen television, but Seth and Summer took it to a whole other, swoon-worthy level. This couple has so many perfect relationship moments that any fan of The O.C. will tell you that their romance may have ruined quite a few real-life ones — no matter how hard you tried, it was hard to compare your real life romance to that of Seth and Summer's. Here are the ultimate Seth and Summer moments that simply never go out of style.

When Seth Recites Summer's Mermaid Poem

Stalker-y? Yes. Cute? Of course.

When Seth Comes To The Kissing Booth

"Acknowledge me now, or lose me forever." Summer lets her lips do the answering.

When Summer Tells Seth Her Secret

After he gets over the initial shock that Summer was also a virgin the first time they did it, Seth tells Summer that they can start from the beginning... and offers to "sweep her off her feet" to an Oasis tune. SO RIDICULOUSLY SWEET.

When Seth Joins Summer On Stage As Her Prom King

Proving that Cohen has no shame when it comes to Summer.

When Seth And Summer Share An Intimate Moment At The Drawing Board

Anyone in a 100-yard radius could feel the sexual tension.

When Summer Goes All Mary Jane

And the Spider-Man-esque kiss officially became everyone's relationship goal.

The TV Wedding To End All Weddings

Goofy, gorgeous, and guaranteed to make you cry. Long live Seth and Summer Cohen!

Image: Fox