'Ricki And The Flash' Trailer Featuring Meryl Streep Proves Exactly Why You Can't Miss This Flick — VIDEO

I'm pretty sure Meryl Streep can do anything. She has played everyone from the Iron Lady to a pill-popping, foulmouthed widow to a wicked witch to a totally-not-Anna-Wintour fashion magazine editor, all the while scooping up Oscars and award nominations as she goes. With her latest film, she will make another unexpected but far out transformation into the rocker we know she's always been. The film features Streep in an original role, Ricki Rendazzo, and the first Ricki and the Flash trailer proves exactly why you can't miss this movie.

After making mistakes in her pursuits of a rock 'n' roll career, a guitar heroine returns home to face reality and her family. The film also stars Streep's real-life daughter, Mamie Gummer; Rick Springfield; Kevin Kline and Audra MacDonald. Jonathan Demme, who won an Oscar for Silence of the Lambs, is at the helm of this musical movie, while Diablo Cody, who won an Oscar for her writing work on Juno, penned the script.

But, overall, we're all seeing this for Streep. The Ricki and the Flash trailer is amazing, and, to celebrate the fact that we finally have the first footage, here's why you need to keep this 2015 movie on your radar.

First, the trailer:

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And now...

Streep's Look Is To Die For

There's probably a lot of Photoshopping going on in this poster for Ricki and the Flash, but nonetheless, Streep is totally selling us her chic rocker look. The last time we saw Streep, she was sporting a wrinkled, haggard look as the hunchbacked witch in Into the Woods. Now, the 65-year-old stands as a glamazon musician ready to rock the house. Even all makeup-ed out for the role, she still makes aging seem graceful. Take notes, Madonna.

Ricki Is Inspired By Diablo Cody's Mother-In-Law

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In an interview with Yahoo Movies, Cody make one of the best revelations we've ever heard: the character of Ricki is based on a living person, who just so happens to be her mother-in-law. Terry is the lead singer of Silk and Steel, a rock band based in Jersey Shore. You can watch her perform Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” with her band in the video above, and be sure to wait for the moment when she starts making cocktails while singing.

Describing her mother-in-law, Cody said,

Terry is a grandmother of six and she’s still up there rocking out every weekend, walking on the bar, just electrifying the audience. ... Rock 'n’ roll is her life. I think there’ve been people in her life who’ve thought it was kind of a silly thing for a mom or grandmother to do and she doesn’t give a damn. I love that about her.

We Will Hear Streep Belt Lady Gaga!

Streep has the pipes. We heard it in Into the Woods , but Ricki and the Flash will see her trade in musical theater for some Bad Romance." In Entertainment Weekly ' s preview of the film, the magazine notes that Streep will perform the hit Lady Gaga song, as well as Tom Petty’s “American Girl,” “Wooly Bully," Bruce Springsteen’s “My Love Will Not Let You Down," and other classic songs. And they all were performed in front of a live audience!

"We didn’t use playback. We’re not sweetening it up on the soundtrack. It’s performance!" Demme told EW. "I have to say with our band — I shouldn’t say it — but I want to say what I feel in my heart — Ricki and the Flash blow away every original."

And Springfield Coached Her On Playing The Guitar

What did I tell you? Streep can do anything. No matter the role, she's not afraid to take risks, and learning to play the guitar for Ricki and the Flash was a major one. But, at least she had Rick Springfield by her side to ask questions.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, the real-life rocker said, "She was concerned about her guitar playing, because she'd never played guitar. ... She'd ask, 'Is this right?' It was really cool to see that. That still at this point she's not afraid to take chances."

We'll be able to see Streep slay it on the guitar when Ricki and the Flash hits theaters on August 7.

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