10 Promposals That Are So Completely Adorable, They'll Almost Make You Wish You Were Back In High School

Going to prom these days isn’t quite like it used to be. It’s no longer enough just to stick a note in someone’s locker asking them to be your date — high school seniors today find themselves faced with the task of plotting promposals that aren’t just adorable… they're downright epic. Never mind SATs, college applications, and other life decisions that also crop up this time of year… none of that matters when you’re trying to go down in history for planning one of the most amazing promposals of all time.

Proposing anything to anyone is tough — job proposals, marriage proposals, and yes, even prom proposals — so when someone nails the art of promposing in a way that's not just sweet, it's absolutely the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Well, that's something worth recognizing. These teenage hopeless romantics got their creative juices flowing, pulled out all the stops, probably asked a few favors, and ultimately made some girl or guy very happy. And for that I say, YOU ROCK!

Just to be clear, it's not necessary to have a date to prom. In fact, most would agree that going to prom with friends is way more fun. But chances are if someone went through the time and effort to put together a thoughtful prom proposal such as these, then that person is most likely going to go through the same effort to make sure you have the best prom experience. Ah, to be young and in love.

1. The Coming Soon To Theater Proposal

Girl gets invited to the movies by a boy she likes, and then BAM — she shows up to see this awesome sign!

2. The Photo Wall Proposal

Let's be honest, if you have this many photos with one person, they should automatically be your prom date. But it's still really cute for them to put together a photo mural on your wall to ask you anyway.

3. The M&M Proposal

I can give you a bowl full of reasons why you should say yes to this promposal.

4. The Perfect Pair Proposal

This is probably one of the most thoughtful and practical gifts to give, and a smooth way to ask a date to prom. Personally as a runner, I'd run anywhere with anyone who gave me Nikes.

5. The It's-About-Time Proposal

The best last-minute promposal gift, hands down... because it actually shows that he's had this time in mind for a while.

6. The Sports Outing Proposal

There's nothing cooler than being picked out of a crowd of thousands, and having a proposal sign displayed just for you. You're sure to go home with a win no matter what.

7. The Nicest 'Mean Girls' Proposal

Using a great line from a great movie is one of the most brilliant ways to ask a date to prom. Love this!

8. The Lego Proposal

It's the costume that gets me. Anyone who puts that much creativity into a promposal definitely deserves a date! Plus, he's already got a tuxedo on so he's ready to go.

9. The Candy Proposal

This promposal is sweet in so many ways!

10. The Proposal Of True Friendship

When his best friend posted on Twitter that he wished to be asked to prom by a boy, this guy showed up to school the next day with this amazing sign. For me, this takes the win for the most thoughtful proposal, because prom is really all about celebrating with true friends.

Images: Rachel Israel, Prom Proposal/Flickr; Twitter (4); Instagram (5)