This Straight Guy Asked His Gay Best Friend To Prom, And All Other Promposals Can Go Home Now — PHOTOS

I’m generally pretty skeptical of the whole “promposal” thing. I mean, prom is a dance, not a lifetime commitment, so why all the fuss, right? (Those of you who love prom and all prom-related things will probably think I’m a bitter husk incapable of joy, which is probably fair). But this sweet promposal where a straight guy asks his gay friend to prom two has even me, disillusioned stick-in-the-mud that I am, totally won over.

Anthony Martinez is a high school student in Las Vegas, and he is gay. He’s on the student council and frequently helps organize school dances. He explained to NewNowNext that, despite the work he put into the events, it was a challenge for him to actually find a date to them, saying, “Being gay, and knowing I’m too busy for guys, no gay guy would ask me to a dance, let alone prom.” A lot of people struggle to find dates for prom, but there would be something especially maddening about not getting a date for a dance you actually helped put together. (Of course, going to prom alone is always an option, but wanting to go with a date is a totally legitimate desire.) Martinez decided to vent his frustration, saying, “[L]ike any teen I complained about it on Twitter.” And complain he did, loudly informing his followers that his desire for a date isn’t about sex – he just wants to actually go to the dance he helped organize, dammit:

The next day, after selling prom tickets in the cafeteria, Martinez headed back to class and saw this. (Brace yourself, it’s adorable):

Standing with the sign was Martinez’s best friend, Jacob Lescenski, who is, as the sign says, “hella str8.” Lescenski explains to NewNowNext , “[O]ne night I saw Anthony, who is my best friend, tweeting about wanting a date. I then thought about how amazing of a guy he is and that he deserved a date.” Martinez of course said yes—and just look at this happy face:

In a Tumblr post, Martinez wrote,

Guess who got asked to prom! BY A STRAIGHT GUY (Army pants). he’s my best friend, and a real man given the fact he has the guts to fulfill my gay student council dream of always helping out planning dances, and never getting asked. I couldn’t ask for a better person in my life.

When asked on Tumblr whether the duo will dance the night away, Martinez points out that they would dance together even if they weren't dates (because they are the most Awesome Friends Ever), writing,

Im assuming since we are taking picture then going to eat the going too the dance then going out to either watch a movie or hang out with our fiends. But wed dance together aways even if he didn’t ask me. were just weird. believe me.

I love this story so much, for two reasons: First, because it shows two guys, of different sexual orientations, being great, supportive friends, without a bunch of handwringing about sexual identity and masculinity and wondering, Oh my God, what will people think?? They’re friends, they love each other, and they’re not afraid to publicly declare it. Second, it reminds us of the universal truth that friends always make the best prom dates. ALWAYS.