12 Things You Can Only Get Away With In College, Before Real Life Hits You

There are tons of benefits to attending college, aside from the obvious — expanding your knowledge, and forging your path toward a bright career are two of the big ones people like to rave about. But then there are the things you can get away with in college that you couldn't get away with in high school, and probably won't be able to get away with once you're a real-life responsible grownup trying to navigate this thing I hear people call "the real world." The caring goes away in college. You’re in this strange limbo between the care-free days of your youth and adulthood, and you have more freedoms to do, well, pretty much whatever you want. That’s the real beauty of college, if you ask me. For four blissful years, you can simply just do things your way, on your time.

If I could go back to college and do it all over again, I definitely would. Whether you’re currently in college or getting ready for your freshmen year debut, I encourage you to take advantage of this adventure. So put down the pencil, take out your headphones, and embrace the full experience of college, because these four years will go by quicker than any other time in your life. Here are 12 things you can ONLY get away with in college.

1. Using a wine bottle as a rolling pin to make Christmas cookies

Because when you don't have the proper cooking utensils or a real kitchen, you just have to get creative. Plus, this kind of creativity is totally praised in college. Not so much when you're at home rolling a bottle of your mom's merlot in flour.

2. Having no shame eating out of a Nutella jar in class

And of course, no one expects you to share when there are more than 200 kids in your lecture hall! Your professor will just be glad that you're staying awake. Although if you're lucky, you can also get away with sleeping in a college course.

3. Wearing the same clothes for more than 24 hours

Because no one really cares what you wore to bed, to class, to the gym, and to that party last night, so why not?

4. Spending an entire day binge-watching your favorite show

This is the perfect way to ignore responsibilities, which you can get away with in college when you have no one breathing down your neck, and your parents are still willing to pay for your livelihood. Just make sure you maintain your ONE responsibility — which is passing your classes, obviously.

5. Stealing to-go condiments, because you have no clean dishes

Stealing condiments from any major restaurant is usually frowned upon. Stealing condiments from the dining hall — totally acceptable.

6. Taking your pet to class

Seriously. As long as your dog doesn't bark, pee, or eat your homework during class, most professors have an open door policy to well-behaved pets. Check with your prof first, and then pack your pup, grab your lizard, and bring your hamster in your pocket, because college is a learning environment for everyone!

7. Naming your living space anything other than “home"

I lived in three apartments during my time in college, and each one was given a different name by my roommates and I. My favorite was "The Getty," because we were all artistic. We had friends who lived in "The Library" and "Thug Mansion." It's just one of the perks of having your own place. Because once you settle down, you just have a "home," and people start calling it "The Smith's Residence," or something boring.

8. Wearing pajamas to run errands

It's perfectly normal to go about your day wearing the same clothes you woke up in when you're in college, because everyone understands you're a struggling student, and they don't expect much from you (i.e. getting dressed in the morning).

9. Napping any time of the day

You will seriously never have a more flexible schedule than you do when you're in college. It's not like high school, where you're required to be in class six hours a day, or like working a full-time job eight hours a day. Thus, you can literally take naps in between all your scheduled classes and appointments. So be sure to catch some ZZZs.

10. Hitting the snooze button for an hour

It's nice to have a morning routine before starting your day. It's also nice to skip it all just because you can. Snooze — guess I'm not taking a shower today. Snooze — I don't really want breakfast anyway. Snooze — who cares if I brush my hair. Wake up, roll out of bed, grab your backpack, and head to class.

11. Spontaneously leaving for a long-weekend trip

Half of my college weekends were spent spontaneously, and about half of those were weekend trips. When you have the time, the freedom, and the transportation, take advantage of the days ahead. The campus life can only supply so much. Get out of your college town, and explore the city limits.

12. Arranging your schedule so you have nothing to do before 11 a.m.

Sometimes this perk is only available to upperclassmen, but when you have the opportunity for priority registration, TAKE IT. Because when you get your mornings back, there's no such thing as staying out too late.

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