'Catfish' Couple Steve & Samm Almost Had A Happy Ending But Instead It Ended In Tears

I'll admit it: When Tuesday's episode of Catfish began, I was pretty skeptical as soon as Nev and Max introduced us to Steven. Right off the bat, it was an episode of firsts, starting with a pretty big one. Steven wasn't the one who contacted MTV about meeting his long distance love — that was his mom. Seems sketchy at first, right? Not once you get to know her and realize that she just wants to make sure Steven doesn't get his heart broken. So was Steven's mom disappointed or thrilled? Unfortunately, newest Catfish couple Steven and Samm didn't get the happy ending they hoped for, but I totally didn't see it coming.

At first, sure, it seemed pretty bad. Once Nev and Max actually managed to get Samm, a gorgeous girl Steven met on Twitter, on the phone, she admitted that she has a secret to tell Steven. Obviously, I assumed this meant something truly horrible and braced myself for it, as Catfish has basically trained me to expect the worst possible outcome — she's in jail, she's married, she's someone Steven knows in real life who is exacting revenge on him, the usual stuff. You know, what we typically see on an episode of Catfish.

But instead, it was pretty simple: Samm was exactly who she said she was, except for the fact that for much of the time she and Steven had been close, she'd also been close with other guys she was talking to online when Steven thought they were exclusive. Oops.

Watching the heartbreak hit Steven was heartbreaking in itself. He went from being giddy over meeting someone he clearly had real feelings for to realizing that he can't get past the fact that she'd lied to him about talking to other people for so long. By the end of the episode, both halves of the equation ended up crying, and it's pretty disappointing that they couldn't work things out — not that I blame Steven for deciding what Samm had done was a dealbreaker.

Steven deserves someone who will be honest and faithful to him — you know, besides his awesome mom. And from what I've seen of him on Catfish, I definitely think he'll find her.

Image: MTV