Channel 'Labyrinth' Heroine Sarah's Fantasy Style

Who remembers the 1986 Jim Henson film Labyrinth? How could one forget David Bowie as the majestic Goblin King, the mischievous singing puppets and the gutsy Labyrinth heroine Sarah's signature style? I could not and still cannot get enough of this movie — I love everything about it. From the concept design by one of my favorite fantasy artists Brian Froud to the elaborate set design (screw you CGI!) to the adventure-filled narrative. Labyrinth was utterly magical and it helped me to appreciate the magical moments in my everyday life.

For instance, one day I was driving to work with the Labyrinth sound track blasting out of my speakers — because I am that cool — when all of a sudden a white owl, I repeat a white owl, swooped down in front of me and flew ahead of me for a short time. I was absolutely flabbergasted. From that moment on, I knew that I had been right all along — there was a Goblin King watching and waiting for me in a parallel universe where puppet people lived. And he had sent me a message! My dreams had almost come true... I'm still waiting for him to kidnap a loved one so he can lure me into his labyrinth. Come on Jareth, time's a ticking!

Sarah almost ran out of time in Labyrinth. But what if Jareth hadn't been so mean? What if she wasn't given a hostage-saving time curfew? She would have been able to change her outfit so many more times! Yes I know she was only in the labyrinth for about 13 hours, but that's ample time to change clothes. She only changed once in her entire time in the Goblin King's realm and that was during a drugged-peach-induced dream. So here's what Sarah could have worn if she'd had more time to change her outfit.

Meeting Her First Friend

Upon entering the labyrinth and becoming perplexed by its enchanting yet unfair nature, Sarah takes a break and bumps into this little chap.

Motel Begonia Fluffy Mini Dress in Soft Blue, $35,

In honor of her newfound furry friend, Sarah could wear this fluffy, blue dress. He did try to help her after all... even if he managed to send her in the wrong direction!

Women's Solid Oblong Scarf, $15,

To totally match her BFF, Sarah could don this bright red scarf.

YRU Labyrinth Mega Platform Heeled Boots, $76,

To come across all Daphne while solving her own mystery, Sarah could complete her outfit with these awesome platform boots. They are even names "Labyrinth" — well, if the shoe fits!

Encountering A Riddle

During her travels, Sarah encounters two (possibly four) guards who offer her a brain boggling riddle.

Sequin Question Mark Dress, $15,

Sarah should wear this sweater dress to show that she is not afraid of these creatures and she's up for a challenge.

Pamela Mann Sheer Black Playing Card Tights, $15,

To give a respectful nod to the riddlers' playing card aesthetic and possibly persuade them to let her pass safely, Sarah could wear these playing card tights.

Sin City — Blue Glitter Viva Bordello, $70,

These shoes would be perfect to add some color to the rest of her monochrome outfit. Also, they have quite the Wizard of Oz vibe; maybe if she clicks her heels together she can teleport home? Plus, they match her riddlers' hues.

Under Attack In The Goblin City

Towards the end of the movie, Sarah and her friends must fight against Jareth's goblin army in order for her to reach the Goblin King.

Female Armor, $80,

This armored shoulder will help keep Sarah protected against goblin attacks while also making sure she looks totally badass!

Supertrash Truce T shirt in Sequin, $199,

Sarah would need a top to wear under her armor, and this chainmail-esque, sequin top is perfect. Every lady warrior needs a bit of glam — especially when David Bowie's around!

Studded Faux Leather Shorts, $12,

These biker chick shorts are just the thing to rock those bad gal vibes and put some fear into the hearts of those goblins.

Clear Cut Wedge Sneakers, $28,

Fashionable, functional and in-keeping with her metallic outfit, Sarah needs these sneakers.

The Goblin King's Final Test

At the end of the movie, Sarah must face up to the Goblin King and try to reach her brother before her time runs out.

Anna-Kaci S/M Fit Sequin Embellished Maze Pattern Cap Sleeve Dress, $25,

This regal dress with a "maze pattern" is a must for Sarah. Wearing this dress shows the Goblin King all of the hardship she has been through and celebrates her triumph in conquering his labyrinth.

Maid Slingback Ankle Boots, $150,

These black ankle boots are an homage to the Goblin King's pointy, black boots. They have a feminine heel yet are not too high, so Sarah is free to run up and down all of those stairs.

Sterling Silver and Rock Crystal Ball Necklace, $129,

This crystal ball necklace symbolizes Jareth's magical crystal spheres, which he uses to cast magic. This necklace would be a metaphor, showing that Sarah has claimed back her power from Jareth and defeated his challenges.

Become a maze-running, labyrinthine babe this spring, and channel Sarah's heroine style. And don't let anyone take your inner power! Most importantly, never, ever wish for the Goblin King to come and take your loved ones away... you never know if he's listening!

Images: Henson Associates; Lucasfilm; Giphy (2); Courtesy Brands