9 Stages Every 'Mindy Project' Fan Will Go Through To Deal With The Show's Cancellation

I'll try to get through this entire article without crying, but I can't make any promises. By now, you're sure to have heard the news that The Mindy Project has been cancelled by Fox (although we are all burning a prayer candle that the rumors of a second life of Hulu is really in the show's future). The show, created by and starring Mindy Kaling, was a feminist, humorous, romantic sitcom that gave us Mindy Lahiri, a leading lady of color that we could all root for and relate to. Until we hear whether or not The Mindy Project is heading to Hulu, there's nothing we can do but stock up on Kleenex and pinch ourselves in the hopes that we're dreaming.

This is a bitter pill to swallow for many fans, especially since there were so many fascinating storylines being set up that we'll now never get to see to their conclusion. The biggest one, of course, is Mindy Lahiri's pregnancy. Like, what, are we just supposed to make fanart of the beautiful half-Indian half-Italian baby ourselves since we'll now never get to see it? (Unless there's going to be a time skip before the series finale or something.) How are we supposed to deal with letting such an amazing show go?

Fortunately, I am here. I understand your pain. Here are the nine stages every Mindy Project fan will have to go through before they can accept that this might be the last we'll ever see of the show.

Stage One: Flooding The World With Your Tears

NO ONE TOUCH ME. NO ONE GET NEAR ME. Just leave me here to mourn in peace until my mattress becomes a flotation device from how much salt water my tears have poured in here.

Stage Two: Refusing To Get Out Of Bed For Any Reason

I have a hard enough time getting out of bed on a regular day. Now I have to get out of bed knowing The Mindy Project has been cancelled? Yeah, that's not happening. BRB, calling in to work right now.

Stage Three: Actually Making Yourself Sick With Grief

Apparently, if you sulk for too long then you can actually make yourself sick. Or at least get muscle atrophy from refusing to get out of bed. But I mean that's OK. I AM WILLING TO SUFFER FOR MY LAHIRI QUEEN.

Stage Four: Changing Your Name To Mindy Lahiri

Of course, you'll risk getting that flutter of excitement every time someone calls Mindy Lahiri and you think you've run into a fellow Mindy Project fan when they're really just talking to you, but whatever. It's a nice name.

Stage Five: Petition To Make The Move To Hulu Happen

One million signatures is not enough. The whole world must sign this petition. This move has to happen for my peace of mind.

Stage Six: Getting Your Friends Into The Mindy Project Too

And then — get this — they can also sign the petition when you reveal, as soon as they're done, that the show has been cancelled. It might seem cruel, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Stage Seven: Cautiously Hoping This Is Not The End

Is that... optimism you're feeling? Do you really believe a show as great as The Mindy Project can't be gone forever? Are you actually starting to think this might not be the end?

Stage Eight: Stalking Mindy Kaling On Twitter For Any News

Not that you weren't stalking Kaling anyway, but, hey. If anyone is going to be able to update us on the status of the show, it's going to be her.

Stage Nine: Rewatching The Series Again and Again

Well, duh.

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