Taylor Swift Reveals 'Bad Blood' Video Poster

Even though Taylor Swift won't be at this year's Billboard Music Awards, she's kicking off the May 17 show in a big way with the premiere of her music video for "Bad Blood." If you weren't already excited for the video — which will reportedly feature Cara Delevingne, Hayley Williams, Zendaya, and potentially more celeb BFFs — once you see Swift's teaser poster, you may lose your mind. In a very Sin City-esque poster that is black and white with bright red lettering, she looks totally badass as her alter-ego "Catastrophe." Get it? Catastrophe. This girl really knows her way with words, and her fighting abilities probably include scratching and pouncing.

Underneath the "Bad Blood" title is a lyric-turned-slogan of "Band-Aids don't fix bullet holes," which could mean Swift and her team of fierce friends are doing some serious damage on their enemies. The song may or may not be about Katy Perry, so we could see Swift attacking someone who is a lot like her or taking the high road and making the villains of the video a metaphor for the paparazzi. The video could even surprise everyone and be about Swift and her friends using ninja-like skills to drop cats into people's homes so they can all be happier. No matter what, with director Joseph Kahn — the man behind the epic "Blank Space" video — and Swift collaborating again, it's going to be great.