House of Holland Menswear Is On The Way, But You Really Need To Own These Five Pairs Of HOH Sunglassses

London's House of Holland is known for, at least to me, its killer sunglasses. The fashion brand is expanding and launching a men's collection on June 14. House of Holland's first men's collection will reportedly mesh youth culture and tribal uniforms and the surrounding promotion will have a strong visual (and retail) element.

Still, you need to know about the brand's shades, but more on those must-own babies in a hot second.

Henry Holland told WWD that the upcoming set was inspired by "Teds, casuals, buffalo kids, and ravers." Ah, all very unique sources of inspo, sure.

The designer also stated, "I feel like we have found a great solution to the 'see now, want now, buy now' culture we are increasingly working within. I'm excited to see the reaction." The range sounds both reactionary and instant, but that's a product of the digital world in which we reside, and of course fashion, especially on-the-edge brands like HoH, has to answer that call.

The line will be presented at a gallery space in London, while photographer Martin Parr will shoot the campaign, the images of which will be sold at the gallery. Additionally, Parr collaborated on a capsule for the Spring 2016 HoH line.

Stylish dudes can nab the pieces at Opening Ceremony in the U.S.

Now about dem sunglasses, which are certainly unisex and wearable for guys with flashy style.

They speak to me. Literally.

I am a sunglasses junkie. I own way more pairs than I will ever need, and I am constantly on the hunt for more prestige brands. My faves are oversized and black, because I can see out but you can't see in. Hello, mystery! I also love anything Elizabeth and James, Marc by Marc Jacobs, House of Harlow, Chloe, and Valley, the latter of which is an Aussie sunglasses brand with crazy unique shapes and materials.

But HoH also slays me with its offerings. These five are the best, most impractical, and most beautiful.

1. Superhero Black

House of Holland ranks high on my shades radar because of shapes like this. These are way geometric, but they add instant glam to any outfit. Just make sure they coordinate with your face's shape and beautiful angles.

2. Lippy Pink

These lips are super kitschy and they won't go with everything, but they will certainly turn up a day at the beach or add kick to any basic summer outfit.

3. Mossy Black

The Mossy Black shades are like wings... for your face. Pop them on and it's a dose of instant and undeniable Euro glam. I'm coveting.

4. White On A Promise

If you want accessories that ask the hard (and maybe even awkward) questions, well, these glasses do just that. How can these not be conversation starters?!

5. Seeing Stars Pink

Seriously, I can't with these. HoH sunnies are works of art. They are not merely accessories that block out the sun or that add glam to an outfit. These are total ensemble elevators. They can change the entire vibe of an outfit. This pink pair pretty much owns.

My birthday is coming up so if anyone wants to buy me any of these...

Seriously, though. You get a sense of the overall HoH aesthetic from the shapes and colors of the sunnies. The vibe is loud, architectural, highly visual, and certainly extraordinary.

The clothes are always bold, but they had me at sunglasses.

Images: House of Holland (6)