Samm & Steven From 'Catfish' Remain Best Friends

Things took a weird turn on Catfish Wednesday, thanks to a mom, a wrestler, and a boy who just wanted to be in love. On Catfish , Steven and Samm, who have been talking for some time, finally met — with the help of Aurora (Steven's mom) — and Steven quickly learned that he was getting a one way ticket to the friendzone with Samm. Steven freaked out in a very uncool way — also, Nev, Samm was not a tease, my man — when he learned that Samm wanted to just be friends and not date him. Can't blame the girl. Things change when you meet someone in person for the first time. But at the end of the episode, there were a lot of tears and very little resolution to their relationship (Steven didn't see a point in being in Samm's life if they were just friends), but that is definitely not the case anymore.

The awkwardness began at the top of the episode when we learned that Aurora was the one who wrote-in to the show to learn if Samm was real or not (according to her, California has a ton of crazies). Aurora just wanted to make sure Steven wasn't going to get hurt again (yes, again... this wouldn't have been Steven's first catfish experience). Personally, I thought Aurora needed to pump the breaks and stop being such a judgmental Judy when it came to the possibility of Samm being fake (then again, I'm sure there was some push on the show's part to be extra weary). (Side note: Shoutout to Nev and Max for making things super awkward saying "Oh, Steven has a girl in his room! On his bed!" when it was really Aurora. It really went with the theme of the episode.)

But there really was no reason for Aurora to worry, because Samm was 100 percent real! Some secrets came out that she wasn't entirely truthful about seeing other guys when she was talking to Steven, but this interview that Samm gave makes it seem like even that was more for the cameras and not actually the true story. The other good news? Samm and Steven have worked out their issues with the friendzone and are now best friends. THAT NEVER HAPPENS ON CATFISH.

In Chatfish, a perfectly named Catfish after show, Samm and Steven spoke about their relationship and said that they're best friends and talk every single day. Steven apologized for being quick to escape the situation, explaining that he wasn't thinking straight. According to Samm, the two of them hung out the night the episode stopped filming, and she even flew to Texas to spend time with him (AS FRIENDS). Steven also seems to have accepted their friendship, saying it is making him happy, which is amazing to hear because I feel like Catfish people never actually stay friends after their episode. As Steven said, Samm "is going to be in my life, no matter what," so these two are definitely Catfish goals for any future participants on this show.

Images: MTV