11 Vintage Cheerleader Inspired Fashion And Accessories If You're Craving Some (Actually Cool) Team Spirit

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Hear me out: I'm not talking Torrance Shipman from Bring It On or Quinn Fabray of McKinley High's Cheerios. No, I'm getting in my metaphorical time machine and going back to the days when sassy (not sexy) was the cheerleader keyword — I'm talking vintage cheerleader style.

Say goodbye to butt-skimming hot pants and hello to pleats a' plenty. I do love Torrance and Quinn and their respective squads, but vintage cheerleaders were way more body positive and looked like they were having so much fun instead of bitching about the new girl's bangs or super-dieting.

So I say bring it on! And don't forget your spirit stick!

Image: RSO Records

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