The 13 Coolest White Sneakers For Spring & Summer That'll Keep You Looking Fresh All Season

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Nobody cares about the old "no white after Labor Day" rule anymore, but occasionally you have to admit there might have been a good reason for the rule. It's pretty much impossible to wear white sneakers in the winter without completely ruining them in the dirty slush and mud. That's why, now that spring has finally arrived, white sneakers are suddenly the only thing we want to put on our feet (until it gets hot enough for barely-there sandals, anyway). It's been a long winter, but white sneakers are finally here to stay... for a few months at least. They go great with every outfit, whether your style is girly, sporty, minimal, or classic.

So let's make the most of this glorious white sneaker weather while it's here. Check out our round-up of a dozen of this season's hottest white sneakers for every budget.

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