'90s Kids Watch 'Full House' For The First Time

Some of the best memories from childhood are such only because we experienced these things at a specific age. Take, for example, the cereal you liked as a kid. Have you tried it since? It probably tasted OK and that was only because of the nostalgia factor. But if there was no prior familiarity, that would likely kill the appeal. Apparently the same is true for '90s television series appeal. When a group of '90s kids watched Full House for the first time, it wasn't exactly an immediate winner.

Truly, in hindsight, Full House was a pretty weird premise for television. It featured a single dad, his three kids, his brother-in-law and brother-in-law's wife, eventually that couple's kids, and for some reason, also Alanis Morrisette's boyfriend and all his puppets. But did this fact dissuade me from staring upon their exquisite manor (or at least exterior shot) when I visited San Francisco? Clearly not. It did, however, lend some pause when a dude I was casually seeing confided his spirit animal as Uncle Jesse. Just...I can't...anyway. I grew up on the stuff and even I think it's a big off. I can't imagine getting a first glimpse as an adult. Some pull-away lessons learned from this group:

Uncle Jesse is a super babe

It's true. Although, honestly, the confession of that dude I mentioned kinda...tainted that for me. Maybe I could hook this woman up with his number?

The Tanners have been highly influential

It may SEEM as if it were "a parody of itself" but clearly it's more of a symbol for its visionary plot lines and delivery.

No...really, Uncle Jesse is the definition of hot

Maybe I messed up by calling it quits with the spirit animal guy...? Probably not. Or probably?? I'll always wonder. Regardless, scope out the authentic reactions to '90s kids watching Full House for the first time below:

Images: Warner Bros. Television; YouTube (3)