Did Chris & Whitney Secretly Get Married?

Celebrities have to be careful what they post online, because, in a matter of minutes, an innocent picture can set off a firestorm of rumors. For example, people think Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff might have secretly gotten married. (I can't keep track of all the rumors about this couple. One second they're breaking up and the next they're already married?) The culprit behind the latest wedding rumors is a picture Soules posted on Instagram featuring a close up of a hand holding a corn sprout and wearing a ring on that finger. Farmer Chris captioned the pic, "Some of our corn planted last Monday, just about to emerge. Looks good! #farmlife #soulesfarms."

Almost immediately, fans began to comment on the picture asking about the silver band on the ring finger. "Ummm wedding ring?" asked one follower. "OMG!!! Did you and @whitb624 get married?!!!" asked another. So, did The Bachelor couple elope just a couple of months after the finale? As much as I do want them to get married, I think this is a situation that got a little blown out of proportion. After examining the picture and considering the evidence, I think there's been a misunderstanding.

Here are some possible explanations for the mysterious ring.

Maybe It's Not His Hand

Soules has been off doing Dancing With the Stars, so it's possible this is a #latergram of the corn sprout held in the palm of one of his employees. Some have even suggested that the hand belongs to Soules' father (who is married). Just because Chris Soules posted the picture doesn't mean it's his hand.

Perhaps The Ring Is On The Other Hand

Perhaps the ring in question resides on his right hand. There's no way of telling from the picture, so it could very well be an innocuous piece of jewelry. A strange choice, maybe, but not entirely impossible.

It Could A Promise Ring

Guys can get those too, you know. (Remember the Jonas brothers?) Perhaps to pledge his dedication to his fiancee, Soules picked up this ring. It would be a sweet gesture.

Common Sense Says They're Not Married

Like two days ago, Soules was saying that he and Bischoff are taking things slow. Their next step is to move her to Iowa, and then they'll think about get married. I doubt he'd do things out of order just days after talking about how they're taking their time.

Chris Harrison Would Kill Him

With so few success stories in the Bachelor family, having Soules get married without recording it or at least telling anyone is kind of rude. We watched their love story play out, so it's only nice to include fans a little bit. Besides, after dealing with the disaster that was Juan Pablo, and seeing Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray break up, I feel like host Chris Harrison would be less than pleased if Soules went and got married without anyone knowing. The Bachelor fans and family deserve a look at the happy ending.

He's Likely Messing With Us

Maybe Soules is trying to be a jokester, and he's just kidding around. I'm sure he knew the comments he'd get on the picture. He's probably just trolling us all.

Image: Nicole Kohl/ABC; bachelorabc (2)/Tumblr; gifmambo; giphy