Chris Soules & Whitney Birchoff Talk Next Steps Now That The Bachelor Has Been Eliminated On 'Dancing With The Stars'

It is a sad day in Bachelor Nation now that the most recent Bachelor, Chris Soules, has been eliminated from Dancing With the Stars. Whether you thought Soules deserved to be sent home or not, there can be no doubt that getting to see him on the show was a fun experience for the fans. But, now that he's got all this free time, what can fans expect next for Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff? Are they moving in together? Getting married? Having kids? Yes, yes, and yes — but all in good time. For now, Soules says he's just glad to get back to his life in Iowa with his beloved fiancee.

"I'm excited to just get back to what I'm good at. Dancing is not what I'm good at," Soules told People magazine. "I got as good as I could possibly get, but I'm going to go do things that come natural to me." As for Bischoff, the two have plans to start their lives together. "Eventually she will be moving to Arlington and we'll be beginning our life there," he said.

Unfortunately for fans, he didn't specify when she'd be moving. As of now the couple is taking things slowly in their relationship. "One step at a time," Bischoff told Us Weekly a few weeks ago. "Dancing With the Stars, the move to Iowa, the wedding, and eventually a family."

Now that DWTS is done, the next step is the big move. Bischoff is ready to make it when the time is right. She even switched tracks at work so her job could be more flexible. "I've switched roles a little bit. It offers me a lot of flexibility so I can work from anywhere," she told People. "I have no plans to quit my job. We're just taking it step by step!"

I think it's actually a good thing that Bischoff and Soules aren't rushing into anything. They have the rest of their lives to be married and pop out babies. If this slowed-down time schedule works for them and allows their relationship to flourish, then good for them. But I definitely can't wait for Bischoff to finally be an Iowa girl. Plus, her move will up Arlington's population to a whopping 430, so I'm sure the town can't wait for her to come home either.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC