If Siri Were Your Mom, Your Relationship Would Look A Lot Like This (And Probably Involve Way More Sass) — VIDEO

You know what I just realized? We have Mother's Day, an entire holiday devoted to cherishing the womenn who love and support their kids—but it's 2015, and we still don't have a Siri Day. Poor Siri, who thanklessly keeps track of our lives, offers us guidance, and finds us the nearest pizza place when we are too hammered to walk in a straight line unsupervised. Shouldn't she too celebrated for all that she does for us? Maybe this year she will, now that this video imagining what it would be like if Siri were your mom exists.

The Daily Dot teamed up with the real live voice of Siri, Susan Bennett, to depict a relationship between a Siri mother and her human daughter that is every bit as dysfunctional as you'd imagine it would be. Sure, Siri's helpful for a lot of things—finding a place to hide a body, for instance—but she has a little bit of a ways to go on this whole "motherhood" thing. Thankfully she's on the upswing, because by the end of the conversation between Siri and her daughter, the two of them reached some mutual understanding and affection (kind of).

Here are a few situations that your Siri mom, dear as she is to your heart, might fail to meet expectations:

1. "Hey, mom, do you have a minute?"


OK, yeah. That's what Siri/Moms are for.

2. "He mentioned something about a concert Friday night, but he hasn't actually invited me yet...Do you think I should make other plans?"


This was right on the heels of Siri Mom asking if she should text the guy for her. SWING and a miss.

3. "Mom, why can't you just listen to me?"


And, of course, my personal favorite ...

4. "Bye, Mom. I love you."


My first go round of this video I was in utter shambles because I had no idea how that woman was lip syncing to Siri so well, but now that I know she actually Siri, I just have to say that Susan Bennett SLAYS and it was so cool of her to do this video. You have to watch the conversation for yourself to fully experience the hilarity of it all:

The Daily Dot on YouTube

Happy Mother's Day, Siri. You deserve it.

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