Anna Kendrick Stresses About Job Security, Too

I'm totally aware that celebrities are just regular people with really cool jobs, but it's still surprising to think that they ever stress out about job security like anyone else would. Case in point: Anna Kendrick. Despite the fact that she's starred in more than a few blockbuster movies, the fear of someday being out of a job and unable to pay her bills is still very real to her, even though it appears Pitch Perfect movies will continue to be made in perpetuity. While talking to Glamour for her killer cover shoot, Kendrick admitted that she's terrified of unemployment after seeing her parents struggle to pay bills, which means she and I (and probably most of us) have more in common than I originally thought.

In fact, Kendrick is so worried about not having a job that she'll gladly work herself into the ground if it means not having to stress about money. In the interview, she said:

That fear – when you have two parents who worked 9-to-5 jobs and went through periods of being unemployed – is real. Those were not welcome times in my childhood. Working 14 hours a day isn't sustainable, but I prefer it [to doing fewer films]. I might as well be doing the thing that I wanted to do my whole life.

When she puts it that way, I can't blame her — even though there's clearly not a time in the foreseeable future where Kendrick won't be a hot commodity. And just in case she does find herself in that sticky situation in her acting career, there are more than a few other jobs she'd be great at.


Kendrick is a naturally funny and well spoken person who has obviously lived a very interesting life. All she has to do to cash in on that is to start blogging, sit back, and wait for the ad revenue to come in. Plus, I would love to read a blog written by Kendrick, so really, everyone wins.

Social Media Editor

Kendrick's Twitter is probably one of the best celebrity accounts out there, so she'd probably do really well keeping the tweets going for a huge company full time. I'd totally expect her style to be a lot like the person behind Denny's Twitter account, and it's something she'd be really good at.

Professional Best Friend

If Kendrick ever finds herself unemployed, I'd totally pay her to hang out with me. Of course, I can't pay her much, so probably I'd just let her live in my house and eat my food as long as she promises to join me at Beyonce-themed Flywheel classes, mock people who were mean to me in high school on Facebook, and eat lunch with me at Chipotle.

Celebrity Hitwoman

If she'd kill for Natalie Portman, chances are she'd kill for other celebs, too.

Kate Spade Model

Have you seen how adorable her Kate Spade videos are? If she wanted to work with them full time, I doubt the brand would turn her down.


This. THIS is a business I would invest in. Clearly, she's brilliant, and if she ever has too much time on her hands, she could totally make this happen.

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